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  • Posted in thread: Anyone else drop their pistol in the bathroom? on 08-11-2009 at 12:46 AM
    It's sad to say that I too have let me firearm touch the floor of a bathroom , but on a happier
    note it was my own bathroom. The underware technique is the best, but just make sure you don't
    have any ...

  • Posted in thread: End times anyone? on 07-24-2009 at 01:32 AM
    America ( In God We Trust) Have you ever noticed that technology is growing faster and were
    growing out of time. My father used to tell me about when he was a child in portugal, the
    village he lived i...

  • Posted in thread: New to Handguns on 07-18-2009 at 12:28 AM
    The Only objections that I have with a revolver for a first gun is that most of them do not
    have a safety. I'm not ashamed to say that my first gun was a .22 Pistol. I used to carry that
    thing around ...

  • Posted in thread: You know what really grinds my gears...... on 07-17-2009 at 12:57 AM
    People who are pro gun control. People that look at guns like the owner is a murderer and they
    want to go running & screaming. People that just plain don't understand, I have many freinds ,
    each and e...

  • Posted in thread: Random Thoughts Thread on 07-15-2009 at 01:23 AM
    Don't get to exited I'm just doin my part to get to the 5000.

  • Posted in thread: New old S&W on 07-14-2009 at 03:58 PM
    Purley a work of art. Smith and Wesson, Saftey, Security, Protection,and Sport.

  • Posted in thread: Cigarettes on 07-14-2009 at 03:56 PM
    Some are for and others against. I am a smoker and I'm paying 7.50 for a pack of malboro
    lights. If you think thats funny you ain't gonna be laugh'n when ammo taxes strikes out the
    roof and hits you h...

  • Posted in thread: Good Morning on 07-14-2009 at 03:27 AM
    I appreciate it.

  • Posted in thread: Obama daughter strolls around Italy in skimpy outfit with 20+ year old male on 07-14-2009 at 03:11 AM
    Okay Maybe I pushed a bit far with the whole naked thing. It was a form of speech I was
    guessing you know what I meant.

  • Posted in thread: Tacticle Semi - Autos on 07-14-2009 at 03:08 AM
    Still the #1 choice of top law enforcement agencies across the country, Remington tactical
    shotguns are rugged, ultra-dependable and continually evolve as they’re called to serve in new,
    increasingly ...

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