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  • Waiting to be unemployed-ha ha


  • Posted in thread: New Look on 05-17-2008 at 12:14 AM
    The updated color scheme looks better.Change is good: nice work!

  • Posted in thread: looking for a good .45 on 05-07-2008 at 01:42 AM
    Some ranges rent guns. I don't have any very close to me, unfortunately, so it limits my
    opportunity to test the ones I have my eye on. I end up reading the internet and asking tons of
    questions, then...

  • Posted in thread: Open Carry on 05-07-2008 at 01:16 AM
    Yes, if you have an unlimited license to carry a handgun in our state then open carry is
    legal.Exceptions are government buildings, schools, airports, etc: check the rules before
    risking a felony or w...

  • Posted in thread: trying to open a shop on 05-05-2008 at 01:19 AM
    C3Shooter mentioned all the basics in starting a business and having yourself covered in the
    legal department.Some municipalities will not allow inventory at a home-based business.Good
    luck with the v...

  • Posted in thread: .45 ammo on 05-05-2008 at 01:08 AM
    Good luck on working toward your goalIs .45 ACP what our state troopers use? How 'bout their
    service weapon? Just curiousI'm going to search for some links on your topic and I'll post back
    here with a...

  • Posted in thread: Child Sex Offender on 04-30-2008 at 03:26 AM
    You did the right thing by teaching your children and spreading the word to the
    neighborhood.These people are dangerous. While it's true that many want to do better, many also
    don't even see the probl...

  • Posted in thread: new girl on 04-27-2008 at 11:33 PM
    Welcome to the siteCalifornia does have its advantages in some areas. Is there much of a chance
    to get away to the country where you live? From what little I've experienced in the state, it's
    either a...

  • Posted in thread: the truth on 04-27-2008 at 12:11 AM
    I wouldn't even bother wasting the electrons sending this to my congress critters. I'm stuck
    with Ted "Fatboy" Kennedy, John "Live Shot" Kerry and Barney "Butt Pirate" Frank. No way in
    hell these assh...

  • Posted in thread: .357 & .38 on 04-26-2008 at 03:21 AM
    i went to the range earlier and tried some .38 special through my mag. all the kick from the
    mag disappeared. makes me wonder, whats the point of a .357 mag at the range, over a good
    .38?Practice for ...

  • Posted in thread: New Guy on 04-26-2008 at 03:14 AM
    howdy :D Pretty laid back forum-good place