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  • Posted in thread: Who else carries at church? on 02-15-2010 at 02:28 PM
    My feelings on the matter is that an armed church is a much safer place than any gun free zone.
    In SC all that is required is permission from the minister. Didn't take much convincing. There
    was once ...

  • Posted in thread: Savage 10 BAS-k on 02-15-2010 at 02:14 PM
    Has anyone seen any articles or field tests with this rifle? I know its brand new and designed
    for law enforcement but I haven't found much information on it.I love Savage rifles, some say I
    have an u...

  • Posted in thread: i need some mannequins for realistic training on 02-15-2010 at 12:15 AM
    Guys...title says it all. I'm looking foward to buy some used, inexpensive mannequins to use
    for realistic training. Anybody happens to know where I can get them? I look online but they
    are spendy$$. ...

  • Posted in thread: first rifle on 02-14-2010 at 11:59 PM
    Right. A well placed shot with a cartridge that is capable of getting to the "good stuff" can
    ethically take game. Making a bigger hole doesn't guarantee that you will have a clean kill
    especially if ...

  • Posted in thread: What do you use to lube your AR Bolt? on 02-11-2010 at 02:27 AM
    Militec 1 here, 3 or so coats with a heat gun. Parts are dry to the touch and slick as snot on

  • Posted in thread: Barrel ideas on my new ar on 02-10-2010 at 04:49 PM
    i am gonna be using this ar for everything i want to varmit hunt with it but around here im not
    gonna get more than a 300 yd shot 400 if i got real real lucky so i will most likley be
    shooting alot at...

  • Posted in thread: Rifle break in on 02-10-2010 at 04:22 PM
    What does this "Hand Lapping" process consist of?Your post kind of makes it sound like hand
    lapping and breaking in are relatively close in terms of results when trying to get a smooth
    bore.Sorry if t...

  • Posted in thread: Rifle break in on 02-10-2010 at 04:05 AM
    Do you own a borescope? Have you borescoped barrels before and after? In my 28 years of
    gumsmithing and competition shooting I have-a LOT. seen remarkable differences from hand
    lapping or breakin...

  • Posted in thread: Rifle break in on 02-10-2010 at 01:10 AM
    The whole purpose of breaking in a barrel is to burmish the bore and remove the microscopic
    burrs in the rifling that rips tiny amounts of bullet jacket. You're not trying to remove
    powder residue but...

  • Posted in thread: Barrel ideas on my new ar on 02-10-2010 at 12:26 AM
    i am building a new ar so far i have decided on a vltor upper s&w m&p loweryoung bcg magpul
    stockyhm handgaurdBut im lost on a barrel i want a good barrel but i dont really want to spend
    400 bucks on ...