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  • 22 years old, truck driver
  • Indiana
  • Guns, hunting, fishing, football, diesels, lifted trucks, country music
  • Truck driver


  • Posted in thread: What does your Avatar & Screen Name mean? on 07-17-2011 at 10:54 AM
    My username is about those damn barrel shrouds. For those of you that dont know they are very
    dangerous devices that gangsters put on their guns. Its a shoulder thing that goes up and it
    makes the gun...

  • Posted in thread: if i hAD a million dollars.... on 07-13-2011 at 09:28 AM
    I'll tell you what I'd do, man: two chicks at the same time, man.Damn straight. I always wanted
    to do that, man. And I think if I were a millionaire I could hook that up, too; 'cause chicks
    dig dudes ...

  • Posted in thread: top 5 favorite westerns on 06-25-2011 at 09:09 AM
    Glad to see High Plains Drifter made somebody elses list.In no order:The Outlaw Josie WalesHigh
    Plains DrifterHondoOne Eyed JacksShane

  • Posted in thread: Walgreens = anti CCW, tell them to change! on 06-02-2011 at 07:30 PM
    It isn't so much about open carry so much as it is about allowing employees to carry at all. If
    an employee is going to make a decision to violate company policy and carry a firearm, do you
    really thi...

  • Posted in thread: Walgreens = anti CCW, tell them to change! on 05-26-2011 at 02:05 PM
    Walgreens fires CCW pharmacist for stopping robbery... contact Walgreens and tell them you
    won't support them until they lose their anti-firearm attitude. Here's the link to their Corp.
    Customer Serv...

  • Posted in thread: Post a photo you've taken. Any photo. on 05-23-2011 at 07:40 AM
    truck, taken on my lunch break a few months ago.

  • Posted in thread: Got A Quote You Like? Share It With Us. on 05-22-2011 at 07:07 AM
    "The only thing you need to do to get approved for a loan is prove that you dont need it."

  • Posted in thread: It's Saturday.....whatcha doin? on 05-22-2011 at 07:03 AM
    Southern Comfort, hot wings and Call of Duty Black Ops. What more could a man want?

  • Posted in thread: JD's Thread of Luck on 05-22-2011 at 07:01 AM
    Who needs luck when you have Jack Daniels?Sorry, I dont know what this threads about. But good
    luck JD!

  • Posted in thread: The what are you listening to right now thread on 05-21-2011 at 05:55 AM
    [ame= - ‪Carrying Your Love With Me by George Strait‬‏[/ame]

Out in the sticks with the squirrels and the ticks and my 30-06