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    IMHO guns require a good field strip type cleaning after every shooting range session,
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    I joined this forum today and would like to introduce myself. My name is Dan and I grew up in
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November 28, 2011  •  07:33 PM
I'm interested in trading my Remington 1911 R1 .45 ACP for your Glock 20SF .10mm.
November 28, 2011  •  07:46 PM

@flbntz All right then. I am in Colorado so I guess we need to ship them to our FFL holders. You want to trade straight across correct?
November 28, 2011  •  10:22 PM
Yes. That ok with you?
November 28, 2011  •  10:27 PM
Yes that is fine with me. I can fax my FFL holder license if you will provide me a fax # of your FFL.
November 28, 2011  •  10:41 PM
My FFL holder would be Nathan Lamb, Lanco Tactical LLC, 498 West High Street, Elizabethtown, Pa 17022. 717/367-7221. Fax 717/361-2994. Hours 5:30-9:30pm, M-F, 9-4 Sat. Closed Sun.
November 28, 2011  •  10:56 PM
My FFL holder is Keith Caddy 1001 South 7th Street, Montrose CO 81401 970-249-1424 have your dealer call him for a fax #
November 29, 2011  •  12:12 AM
Cool. Will do.
November 29, 2011  •  02:06 PM
I'll be going in tonight after work. Should get off around 7pm, EST.
November 29, 2011  •  07:37 PM
Went to gun shop, they tried calling number you gave, left a message. They said there would need to be agreement, after licenses are exchanged, as to when guns are brought to dealers to be shipped. I've never worked with this gun shop before. It's the closest to where I live. There's another shop on the edge of town that I bought the Remington from that's bigger, I'm more familiar with.
November 29, 2011  •  11:15 PM
I would go to the more familiar gun shop where you purchased the Remington and have them call my FFL. I have never heard of an agreement necessary when going through FFL holders. In fact I used to be one.
November 30, 2011  •  12:34 AM
I'll do that.
November 30, 2011  •  11:53 AM
Hey, went to Trop Gun Shop here in Elizabethtown, PA, where I bought the Remington, and they gave me their fax number, 717/367-9493, which I forwarded to your FFL. They seem to know more what they're doing, and they need your name, address, phone number, and the gun make, model, caliber, serial number, and accessories for me to fill out their form.
November 30, 2011  •  12:24 PM
My name is Daniel R Haynes, address is 20308 Pahgre Road Montrose Co 81403. The gun is a Glock model 20 SF The slide serial # is MHF 187 and the receiver serial # is RYB 110. It comes with the owners manual, box and two 15 round 10mm magazines. Let me know if they need anything else.
November 30, 2011  •  12:29 PM
Why is the receiver serial number different than the slide serial number?
November 30, 2011  •  12:36 PM
I sold the original receiver at a gun show and had to order a new one from Glockmeister.
November 30, 2011  •  12:37 PM
If you do not like that set up then we can forget about the swap.
November 30, 2011  •  01:49 PM
Yeah, I don't think I'm comfortable with the two different pieces like that. Sorry.
November 30, 2011  •  01:53 PM
That is fine, as I like Glocks better than 1911 pistols anyway. I hope you find somebody to swap with.
November 30, 2011  •  04:25 PM
Thanks. And thanks for alerting me to a fine pistol, and caliber that I hadn't considered before. All the best, and Season's Greetings, to you, and your family. David
November 30, 2011  •  09:42 PM

You cannot go wrong with a Glock 20 SF. I do hope that you will get one. You and yours have a blessed Christmas and happy new year
November 30, 2011  •  09:48 PM
Daniel, Does your Glock work ok? What made you decide to offer to trade it for my 1911? David
November 30, 2011  •  09:51 PM

My Glock works just fine. I was attracted to the Remington R1 as this is their first 1911 in many years.
November 30, 2011  •  10:08 PM
Do you still want to trade?
November 30, 2011  •  10:42 PM
No I as I have way too many barrels and accessories for my Glock but only one receiver. I have three slides and 8 different barrels. It is so versatile that it puts the 1911 to shame.
December 1, 2011  •  04:21 AM
Alright. Have fun with it.