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  • Posted in thread: this brought a new ar15 off the shelf on 04-27-2013 at 03:19 AM
    Take some time and write the best letter that you can.Stress that this was your first time
    shooting the rifle.Indicate what kind of ammo you were using.(I hope it was factory loads and
    you still have ...

  • Posted in thread: this brought a new ar15 off the shelf on 04-27-2013 at 12:18 AM
    I wish it was your money not mine

  • Posted in thread: this brought a new ar15 off the shelf on 04-27-2013 at 12:01 AM
    when I went out to shoot it I pulled the trigger back once the gun spit three bullets and the
    gun broke in off it was a Olympic Arms my question is are many people been injured using a off
    the shelf g...

April 27, 2013  •  02:40 PM
American gun holders, the reason why I bashing the gun manufacture and the NRA, 1st one I sent the AR15 back to the company to be replaced, but I bashing the quality control and quality assurance departments they do not have one at Olympics Firearms they shoot the gun once and lifetime warranty out the door for retail at $525.00. I just retired from National Forging I know more about castings then a lot of you guys every item that went out the US Gov was inspected internally and externally using a NDE methods in Ultrasonics and a dye penetrant to check for flaws in the castings but these gun manufactures get their castings in foreign countries which are soft metals with blowholes,cracks and all different types of indications and they just do external visual inspection looks out the door, But my biggest concern was when people talk about the NRA and are 2nd amendment now do you guys understand the 2nd amendment that's Federal you live in Alaska now the new 3rd amendment comes in play where congress give each state the right to bear arms and control any and all gun rights you NRA members need to call the main office in Washington DC do not call your local person these people will not give him the time of day in Washington they will tell you and also Art Bell the owner of his own radio had these people from Washington dc on his programs that was twenty years ago they came out and told the people that the 2nd amendment of the us etc does not mean one thing anymore the house of congress took that away from us people back in the early 70s when they gived all the states the power over your gun rights. that's why the NRA tells people to join us to protect 2nd amendment it does not exist in United States anymore, you can not blame anybody for greatful loss to ourselves we the people did this to ourselves. thanks