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  • Posted in thread: Beretta 92FS FTF,FTF. on 09-26-2012 at 10:51 PM
    Hey my buddy bought a new Beretta 92FS about a year ago. Long story short he moved it hung
    around in storage for about a year. We finally took it out to shoot for the first time. We had
    about 200 roun...

  • Posted in thread: whats in your magazine when you carry?,FMJ,Hollow point,etc on 05-07-2012 at 11:53 PM
    haha, Ammo is ammo, as long as it fires it's okay. People are talking about. "hiding" and what
    not. Like you would even process that in a real combat situation. Anyways, hollow points, and
    buck shot, ...

  • Posted in thread: AS12 shot gun. on 05-07-2012 at 11:48 PM
    You mean the aa12No he means what he said. Video game shotgun. wow.

  • Posted in thread: scabbard or just sling it across my back? on 05-07-2012 at 11:47 PM
    A scabbard is a glorified sling. As fall as your chest feels, it will feel the same, Scabbards
    are more useful when carrying a backpack and you want your long gun attached, not necessarily
    instantly o...

  • Posted in thread: acog or acog or other option i havent considered?? on 05-03-2012 at 04:36 PM
    I have a friend with an ACOG and it's freaking awesome! I would get one if I could afford to.
    My question is why green over red? I just feel that the human brain perceives red as danger and
    that might...

  • Posted in thread: Does anyone have a Keltec on 05-03-2012 at 04:28 PM
    4 are 18" excluding the youth models, then it gets into the sporter models with the longer
    barrels. I'm not a hunter so I often oversee these models. Surely you wouldn't use the KSG for
    hunting anyw...

  • Posted in thread: got my first AR today! on 05-03-2012 at 04:17 PM
    600$ what a steal

  • Posted in thread: Does anyone have a Keltec on 05-02-2012 at 09:22 PM
    Where do you get this info? My super mag is 25 inch and my cousin has a longer smooth bore
    barrel and a 22 inch slug barrel.Most standard 870 Express's have an 18 or 18.5" barrel. That
    seems to be the...

  • Posted in thread: Does anyone have a Keltec on 05-01-2012 at 02:44 PM
    The barrel is quite short .The barrel is 18.5" Same as most 870 express' ;)

  • Posted in thread: handgun on 05-01-2012 at 02:38 PM
    Here in Florida, I know it's legal for an 18-year-old to possess I live in Florida, and I know
    for a fact its unlawful for anyone under the age of 21 to possess a pistol. It is also illegal
    for anyone...

If you outlaw guns then only outlaws have guns.