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08-11-2007 10:30 PM


  • Im currently raising a 1 year old boy. And am in a gunsmithing program.
  • Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Field Trailing Beagles and Sports
  • Factory Worker


  • Posted in thread: Huckabee on gun control on 01-06-2008 at 01:04 AM
    Ive never voted before, dont beleive Im even registered. But in the past 8-10 years Ive started
    hunting, shooting and carry a pistol. Now Ive almost finished my "gun pro" program. And Im
    looking into ...

  • Posted in thread: Best Deer Gun on 08-11-2007 at 10:05 PM
    Here in Indiana this will be the first year we are allowed to hunt with a rifle, and only if
    they are chambered in a legal pistol caliber, 357, 44, 45LC, to name a few. So from my neck of
    the woods Id...

  • Posted in thread: Shotgun Books on 08-11-2007 at 09:56 PM
    I recently read Gunsmithing Shotguns, it was a good read. Dont rember by whom but I got it at
    Amazon. I have a few other's at home, I'll attempt to get you a list when I get back there
    later this week...

  • Posted in thread: Muzzle Loading Kits on 08-11-2007 at 09:53 PM
    Im looking for a inexpensive ml kit. Im looking hard at a Tradtions Deerstalker in either a .32
    cal or a 50, seen a combo at one site but never heard of it before. Its call Thunder Ridge out
    of Utah. ...

  • Added a new Photo on 07/29/2007

  • Added a new Photo on 07/29/2007

  • Posted in thread: First Shotgun on 07-29-2007 at 06:01 PM
    My first OU was a IZH27 12ga, great gun at first but I started having trouble out of it. But at
    the time I was shooting alot of clays. I put almost 10,000 rounds out of that gun in just under
    3 months...

  • Posted in thread: Single Barrels on 07-29-2007 at 05:54 PM
    My first shotgun was a H&R .410. Nothing like a single shot in my opion. Ive been looking for a
    NEF 16ga with a full choke. No luck yet but its hard to locate 16's anymore. Might just have to
    order on...

  • Posted in thread: Best Guage? on 07-29-2007 at 05:45 PM
    Id look at getting either a 12 or 20ga coach gun. Nothing more simple to use and/or load then a
    SxS. Look for a single trigger hammerless gun. Yea the recoil might be a little higher because
    they are ...

  • Posted in thread: Polychoke on 07-29-2007 at 05:39 PM
    I have a old Western Auto/Revalation 16ga bolt action with a polly choke. I know alot of people
    use rimfire for squirells but I use this gun. Ive had several people tell me to cut that off
    and install...

NRA Member NAHC Member Penn Foster Gunsmithing Student Personal Arsenal: Mossberg 500 20ga combo; Baikal IZH-43 12ga; Western Auto 16ga Bolt Action, Marlin 597 .22LR