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  • I was born when quite young. Since then I have become older.
  • Hastings,Nebraska
  • Shooting, obviously; and most things related. Also Theology, Cosmology, and detecting fraud.
  • Retired Federal Lawman and itinerant Southern Baptist Preacher; semi retired gunfighter.


  • Posted in thread: Random Thoughts Thread on 11-03-2016 at 02:32 AM
    I was just thinking. God is so much better to me than I deserve. Amazing.

  • Posted in thread: Random Thoughts Thread on 11-03-2016 at 02:31 AM
    The English drink warm beer but it is probably because Lucas makes their refrigerators.The
    English drink warm beer because their beer typically has flavor. It's easier to drink beer one
    can taste when...

  • Posted in thread: On this day in history...... on 11-03-2016 at 02:25 AM
    The best line in the whole Hitchhiker trilogy - at last count six books - was from Marvin.
    "Depressingly stupid."

  • Posted in thread: Brasso in the Tumbler on 11-03-2016 at 02:13 AM
    I wonder what it does to all the bras candle sticks and othe bras products like water
    faucets?Brasso only attacks the surface of what it touches, which is why it's used in brass
    polish; it removes a s...

  • Posted in thread: .30 cal rifles and sabot ammunition on 11-03-2016 at 01:59 AM
    I have some left over. I tried them in .30-06 and a .30-06 Improved. Accuracy was amazing
    underwhelming. I don't hear much about them anymore, so I presume my experience is not unique.

  • Posted in thread: Sighting in a few rifles on 11-03-2016 at 01:48 AM
    Well, you haven't 'lost' it all. Those are pretty fair groups for general use.The .270 needs to
    go about two inches to the right, but the 'over' part will be fine; it's close enough to hit
    and it will...

  • Posted in thread: I need information on 11-03-2016 at 12:42 AM
    This comes after all the excitement, but this sort of question is almost always answered by
    Cartridges of the World, published by Gun Digest nearly annually, I believe. They have great
    information on ...

  • Posted in thread: Brand new rifle, only about Ninety years old on 11-03-2016 at 12:36 AM
    A couple views of one of the short rifles (other one is nigh identical, darker stock), the rear
    sight and the cartridge used. 208 grain bullet, it does recoil some.

  • Posted in thread: Winchester Model 1895 7.62mm Russian Contract Rifle on 11-03-2016 at 12:28 AM
    Since that rifle is chambered for 7.62x54R due to a Russian contract, I wonder in what type of
    distance the sights are graduated?The Tsarist Mosin-Nagant rifles were calibrated in "arshins",
    a unit of...

  • Posted in thread: Webley 1915 MK VI .455 Revolver on 10-18-2016 at 03:43 AM
    You are correct in your surmise, Your Sheriffness. .45 ACP is too high pressure a cartridge.
    (It feels very strange to write .45 ACP is too high pressure...) Not the blow out the cylinder
    and topstrap...

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