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  • Posted in thread: Hk usp 45 on 08-28-2015 at 01:35 PM
    I had a US compact. It is the only pistol that has ever broken on me. A leaf spring snapped
    while it was sitting in its case and then the hammer would not cock. H&K fixed it at no cost to
    me. I traded...

  • Posted in thread: Is a H&K P7M13 really worth this much money ? on 07-30-2015 at 06:23 PM
    I wouldn't spend the money on it. But, I have a P7 PSP and these are fantastic guns. The 13
    round model has been out of production for a long time. It was also specifically made for the
    American marke...

  • Posted in thread: Question about 9mm handguns on 07-10-2015 at 08:41 PM
    A lot. Such as the H&K VP9, the people's pistol even though they don't allow many people to buy
    pistols in Germany.

  • Posted in thread: First Glock on 07-02-2015 at 10:32 AM
    Nice choice. I have one and it is flawless. It is mostly a safe queen as I 9mm. But the biggest
    thing is that it fits your hand well. I put on big dot night sights.

  • Posted in thread: Brandishing Bills signed into law on 05-13-2015 at 06:55 PM
    Thank goodness!! That has been a pain since I started in concealed carry and working with law

  • Posted in thread: Okay dudes, what's the scoop on the 300 AAC on 05-04-2015 at 07:58 PM
    It is significantly louder than my suppressed 9mm. So I have an Omega on order to replace my
    YHM. Depending on distance, there is a hold over for subsonics. I can hit a 12" gong at 200
    yards but I hav...

  • Posted in thread: AR charging handle latch on 05-03-2015 at 04:21 PM
    I have only used standard handles and the BCM medium latch. But I have beat the BCM hard and it
    has been flawless. When I first started loading 300blk, I failed to resize the brass after
    annealing it....

  • Posted in thread: Federal HST on 05-02-2015 at 01:26 PM
    It is one of the better HP rounds. I have some. While I have not personally tested it, search
    for some reviews online. It is way better than other Federal HP's like hydra shok.

  • Posted in thread: Opinions on first NFA purchase on 03-24-2015 at 02:21 PM
    Is that a 5.56 can on it?It's about as loud as I expected. Kinda like a tack hammer hitting a
    nail.It is a lot louder than that. Videos can't accurately portray loudness. As soon as the
    bullet breaks ...

  • Posted in thread: Cor-Bon DPX 115gr 9mm vs Federal 147gr +P HST on 03-15-2015 at 02:15 AM
    I did a lot of reading and viewing tests for these exact two rounds. 147g bullets offer deep
    penetration to FBI standards. The HST's have proven to expand effectively at subsonic speeds
    through all ki...

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