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  • Posted in thread: I need to rant on 09-26-2009 at 12:57 AM
    Consider yourself lucky that ammo is right up there with 50bmg on the overkill, over priced
    specialty ammo list,....totaly not worth it, my shooting buddies nephew had the same gun
    similar deal and go...

  • Posted in thread: OMG! LEO! At My Door... on 09-26-2009 at 12:17 AM
    Alright my LEO friend got back in touch with me. Their aren't any "written" laws directly
    addressing the issue of carrying concealed in KY. HOWEVER, he said I would be in very "Hot
    Water" for doing so...

  • Posted in thread: Old cop 2: Punks 0. on 09-26-2009 at 12:07 AM
    Everything about this amazes me.......... 1st, they break in his home, 2nd, they have a
    shotgun, 3rd, they strangle him, 4th they aim the gun at him, 5th, they are investigating
    possible criminal char...

  • Posted in thread: Gun Got Damaged While I was Gone on 09-25-2009 at 11:43 PM
    Show us some pictures,...but I wouldn't shoot it, you should really have a gunsmith check it
    out, you never know what else might have been done to it.

  • Posted in thread: New 1911 Owner... Few questions. on 09-23-2009 at 06:53 PM
    I must be the only guy on the planet that doesn't mind the plastic triggers and mainspring
    housings, I just don't like the added weight, I can feel the balance difference between a steel
    mainspring ho...

  • Posted in thread: Whats your favorite P.P.G.? on 09-23-2009 at 05:59 AM
    It was a joke, if you look in the gun rags everything is "tactical" now, socks,
    wallets,....door knobs, chewing gum, LOL.

  • Posted in thread: New 1911 Owner... Few questions. on 09-23-2009 at 05:52 AM
    Second, this is your first 1911? Is it a Colt M1991? If so, Colt doesn't make a Compact M1991,
    only Government and Commander models.Colt DID make a compact 1991, notice the gun was bought
    used, not ne...

  • Posted in thread: NO Lead Bullets-please! on 09-23-2009 at 05:42 AM
    I live in Oregon where the Portland Police quit using .40 & .45 cal. Glocks after repeated blow
    ups and officers being injured due to the unsuported chambers with hot ammo,.......ammo that
    wouldn't ev...

  • Posted in thread: Need Some Insights and Advice on Gun on 09-23-2009 at 12:10 AM
    Every vehicle I own is American except one, I own 8. The other one is German. Of course I am
    going to have to recommend Kimber :rolleyes: otherwise I might have to change my name. :DOne of
    the non-U....

  • Posted in thread: Need Some Insights and Advice on Gun on 09-22-2009 at 10:35 PM
    I don't buy "sub standard, over priced" Detroit vehicles, I buy high quality, fair priced U.S.
    made vehicles. Springfield's higher end guns are assembled in the U.S. from Brazillian (see