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  • Posted in thread: Obama seeks to restrict 2nd Amendment for Seniors on 05-02-2016 at 11:41 PM
    salami slicing. you cut one tiny little slice off a salami, you still got a salami. nobody
    misses the one little slice. then you cut off another slice, and another slice, until all you
    have of your st...

  • Posted in thread: Democrat Pushes to Expand ‘Secret’ Gun Confiscations in California on 04-30-2016 at 01:23 PM
    seems to me, if you have to sneak in through the basement window to do a thing, the thing you
    are doing ain't right.kinda like when you have to wear a ski mask ( in Syria! do they ski in
    Syria? ) to d...

  • Posted in thread: EMT real threat? on 04-25-2016 at 12:56 AM
    if the radio stations don't harden against EMP there will be nothing to listen toif the TV
    stations don't harden against EMP there will be nothing to watchif the internet - you get the
    ideaif you have...

  • Posted in thread: wi-fi on 04-23-2016 at 03:01 PM
    routers have an option called AP Isolation. the access point can create a network that lets you
    see the internet, but not other users. AP Isolation is designed for public hotspotsyou do have
    Netscan i...

  • Posted in thread: Why New York is the way it is on 04-19-2016 at 11:57 PM
    NY state should secede from NYCNYC is @$$hole deep, in more than one sense, with people who
    have never seen a star, think Central Park is a forest, never been to a place here you can't
    remember the la...

  • Posted in thread: New Mexico Gun Regulations on 04-16-2016 at 12:35 PM
    In New Mexico: don't be a damn fool in public. it is a you mind your own business and I will
    mind mine state. you would have to work very hard at being a damn fool to attract the attention
    of the law ...

  • Posted in thread: Bible Prophecy on 04-09-2016 at 02:06 PM
    The Doomsday Clock is set at 3 minutes to midnight. I would set it at 10 seconds to midnight. I
    hope I am wrong.the doomsday clock has been set to any minute now for the last 40 years.
    Perpetually Pan...

  • Posted in thread: Cheap electronic communication on 04-09-2016 at 01:36 PM
    There is 10meter radio, whic have CB radios in many of them. They can run some pretty high pwer
    but need licenses like GMRS.CB radios require type certification. CB radios can only be CB
    radios. The F...

  • Posted in thread: Quotes From Founding Fathers on 04-06-2016 at 11:47 PM
    I see your quotes from founding fathers and raise you a long winded exegesis:

  • Posted in thread: Things you should not do photos, add yours on 04-05-2016 at 01:30 AM
    the turbonique: as my flight instructor liked to say; you go ahead, I 'll watch flying Pinto.
    They used sheet metal screws to attach the back end of a Cessna 337 Skymaster to a freaking
    Pinto: did n...