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  • Posted in thread: Semi autos you regret letting go the most on 01-18-2014 at 03:54 PM
    S&W 6904. It was the first handgun I ever bought - right after my 21st birthday.I sold it
    thinking that I wanted something "better." I've since owned auto pistols from Ruger, Glock, and
    a few of the s...

  • Posted in thread: Spray paint your rifle? on 01-16-2014 at 01:52 AM
    133229I've always liked painting my rifles. I don't go for anything fancy - just want to knock
    down the shine a bit.

  • Posted in thread: ? Re: Corn Cob cleaning/polishing media on 01-14-2014 at 05:36 AM
    Thanks guys. I'll try some of the other stuff you mention as I can but, the tumbler came with a
    bunch of the corn cob media so; I'm going to use that up first.

  • Posted in thread: Another question... on 01-14-2014 at 05:34 AM
    So, as I've been going through and resizing my collection of brass in varying calibers, and
    despite trying to be very careful in the process, I had a couple of peices that formed small
    dents along the...

  • Posted in thread: ? Re: Corn Cob cleaning/polishing media on 01-14-2014 at 12:30 AM
    So over the years I've done lots of loading with new brass but, not really any REloading
    because I wanted to stockpile as many components as I could - a decision that is paying off
    right now as new br...

  • Posted in thread: S&W Model 69 Combat Magnum on 01-10-2014 at 01:29 AM
    It's good to see them return to offering a K-frame .357 Mag. I'm definitely interested... just
    as soon as they re-introduce one with the 2.5" barrel.

  • Posted in thread: Ruger sp101 on 01-07-2014 at 04:44 AM
    both are very good Guns. The SP 101 comes in 2.1", 3.2", and 4.2" in 22,38,327, and 357. In the
    larger ca,liners it is a 5 shot, while the GP100 is a 6 shot, and has 4.2" and 6"

  • Posted in thread: S&W Model 19 .357 Thoughts on 01-07-2014 at 04:40 AM
    If its stainless it isn't a model 19. Stainless = model 66, the brother of the blued model 19.
    While this is true, S&W did make some 19s that were nickeled. These could be mistaken by some
    as being s...

  • Posted in thread: How do you like the .44 Magnum?need some advise on 12-31-2013 at 02:56 AM
    Bought a 7.5" Ruger Redhawk in .44 Mag last year. Shot it some; even killed two antelope with
    it this year. They didn't die any quicker or better than the ones I've shot with my 4" .357 Mag
    and I just...

  • Posted in thread: S&W M&P 15-22 w Comp. Weak Moment! on 12-29-2013 at 05:00 AM
    131057I got the same rifle for my birthday last month. Spent this afternoon with my friend and
    a couple of his kids looking for some bunnies to turn into stew tomorrow. It should be