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  • Posted in thread: Ban on Interstate handgun sales is Unconstituional on 07-24-2016 at 12:50 AM
    ere-of-handguns-unconstitutionalLinky no worky!It's NRAILA noit lia

  • Posted in thread: Glock slide sticking on 07-24-2016 at 12:40 AM
    If it locks back with no magazine in place, you need to have it looked at by a certified Glock
    armorer or a gunsmith.

  • Posted in thread: Ban on Interstate handgun sales is Unconstituional on 07-23-2016 at 11:08 PM
    See, I new these Federal Gun Laws were simple and easy to understand. Don't worry the
    government will take care of us ....... ????? :scared::D:D Yeah, right. Big Brother knws what's
    best for you!:roll...

  • Posted in thread: Ban on Interstate handgun sales is Unconstituional on 07-23-2016 at 10:00 PM
    It is a violation of federal law to sell a handgun to someone from another state.If you think
    that law is unconstitutional, get a lawyer and sue.It is legal under federal law to sell a long
    gun to a p...

  • Posted in thread: Sig p320 on 07-23-2016 at 06:01 PM
    The larger mags fit the smaller guns. Just like Glock. They just stick out of the bottom.A full
    size 17 rounder will work just fine in a compact or carry.

  • Posted in thread: I think a goodbye is coming. on 07-23-2016 at 05:08 PM
    Hoosierpossums are doing great, in fact a protected species and registered republicans. That
    stated, paperless digital is the new world. We all adapt or get relegated to you know what.But
    we still got...

  • Posted in thread: America's Civilian Army on 07-23-2016 at 04:52 PM
    I'm not capable of being a soldier anymore either. But I can still be a lone wolf terrorist if
    needed.I still have the marksmanship skill to make a head or groin shot, and bypass their body
    armor. The...

  • Posted in thread: America's Civilian Army on 07-23-2016 at 02:29 PM
    The premise that a few million shotguns, bolt action rifles and a bunch of, old, fat, untrained
    and unorganized civilian hunters would be a serious deterrent to a modern army armed with tanks
    and plan...

  • Posted in thread: Miss Diamond's Lies and Video Revealed on 07-23-2016 at 02:17 PM
    Have you seen the still photo from the robbery? The pics from the car? Same guy, same gun. But
    the lame stream media won't sensationalize that. It doesn't fit their agenda.

  • Posted in thread: Miss Diamond's Lies and Video Revealed on 07-23-2016 at 01:38 PM
    The mantra of the lame stream media is: "Blame the cops first," then (maybe) look at the

History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster. Douglas MacArthur If you think a strong military is expensive, think about what a weak one would cost
May 13, 2012  •  05:16 PM

I did not get a chance to respond to your quoting me in the "worst handgun ever thread" before it was closed. To answer your question of "what's my experience?" "have I been paid to carry a gun?" and "why would I not listen to professionals?" by "professionals" I assume you mean LEO's?

Well, I'm a 40 year old Infantry Veteran who was paid to carry a gun for 6 years consisting of 2 overseas tours, Egypt "Sanai" and Korea. I chose to secure my CCW 17 years ago after having my lower spine fused in 3 places with a bone graft off my hip plus 6 screws and 5 rods installed my the doc's at Madigan Army Hospital.

I have carried a gun daily and legally for said 17 years, am an avid pistol and carbine shooter, volunteer RSO for my private gun club, and have introduced dozens of new shooters to our sport while training most of them in the safe and effective handling of guns so while I've never been a cop, I do know something about selecting a sidearm, the shootability of all the different platforms, "as I've owned and extensively shot most all of them", and like most pistol shooters who were not sold on "Glock Perfection" as green peas, do not see Glocks as anything more that they are. Which is an OK pistol, "if you can get past the horrible trigger and ergonomics".

They are not bad, but they are far from spectacular.

I was glad to hear that your department got to choose but many do not and simply working as a Cop does not make your opinion any stronger than mine. I've seen more than a few LEO's shoot that I was not impressed with and the vast majority of unsafe acts I've witnessed were perpetrated by officers.

I'm not saying you fit this mold, the fact that your hear indicates that your an enthusiast who spend more than 1 qual day per year firing your weapon.

Just my life experience and why I don't assume anyone knows what there doing, badge or no badge, until I've seen them handle and shoot firearms.

Take Care

May 14, 2012  •  11:57 PM

My apology if my post offended you. I suppose that I have grown so accustomed to 16 year olds on forums telling me that i'm ignorant, and that something is absolutely God's own truth becauase Jeff Cooper said so.

Experienced people can, and often do disagree. I think that's what happened here. I can understand that you intensely dislike Glocks, because I feel basically the same way about 1911s.

BTW, I only served 4 years in the military, so thank you for your service.

I'm glad you sent this message, because next time I see something in one of your posts that I disagree with, I will know it came from another professional, and not a 16 year old. I will treat it with the respect due a professional

It's kind of a shame, but unfortunately on the internet, we can't see body language, and hear voice inflections. This often causes misunderstanding that wouldn't happen in a face to face conversation.