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  • Posted in thread: Rock Island vs. American Tactical Imports on 03-22-2012 at 05:59 PM
    My RIA 45 GI model runs like a champ. It's hard to believe sometimes I only paid $399 for it.
    I'd buy another one in a heartbeat!

  • Posted in thread: American Classic 1911 on 01-09-2012 at 02:53 PM
    I looked at one of these last time I was at buds and it looked good. But for the price range
    your talking it's hard to beat RIA I love mine!!

  • Posted in thread: 1st gun for mom of 5 boys, protection &target on 11-28-2011 at 11:49 PM
    If you are in the 1911 market id look into a RIA 1911 9mm and for a 2nd gun there are several
    good 1911-22 out there from chiappa,gsg,sig and many other companies for reasonable money. You
    could get b...

  • Posted in thread: how long do YOU leave mags loaded on 11-28-2011 at 10:53 PM
    You always hear one group of people saying leave them loaded won't hurt them and some argue
    unload them as it destroys the springs. I truly dont have or know the answer but I reside with
    the group tha...

  • Posted in thread: Firearm in the trunk? on 11-21-2011 at 06:43 PM
    Here in KY you can carry in your car without a CCDW permit as long as it's in the glove box,
    console or factory seat pocket on the rear of the seats. Per KRS state law updated a few years

  • Posted in thread: hi-point .40 on 11-11-2011 at 06:45 PM
    All jokes aside everybody can own which brand they choose as it's a free country but comparing
    a hi- point to a kimber is, well there is no comparison!

  • Posted in thread: Polished slide and barrel on 11-07-2011 at 06:27 PM
    I polished the barrel on my G26. I used some rem oil and 2000,1500,and 1000 sandpaper(wet or
    dry) to remove the black and sand to desired smoothness. Then I used mothers metal polish and
    it looks grea...

  • Posted in thread: rock island armory on 11-02-2011 at 05:56 PM
    I own the RIA 1911A1 and it is worth every penny and more of the $399 I paid for it. Runs fine
    with kimber and Chip mags. I'd buy another one tomorrow!

  • Posted in thread: New Glock! Yay. on 10-28-2011 at 06:52 PM
    I alway thought Glocks were the ugliest handguns made until I got my G26 9MM with night sights
    and man do I love that thing. Trying to decide on a primary carry glock now. Congrats on ur