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  • Posted in thread: Grandfather shoots home invaders/rapists on 10-24-2014 at 12:38 AM
    Grandpa is recovering from wounds at the hands of the invaders, but he shot all 3.

  • Posted in thread: Lead exposure at the range on 10-23-2014 at 09:55 PM
    This article leans quite a bit towards spreading the fear, but it does address a serious topic.
    Range ventilation and cleanliness should be done properly.

  • Posted in thread: Supremes to hear another gun case? on 10-23-2014 at 01:04 AM
    It looks like the question is about a person convicted of a felony giving up his firearms. Does
    the felon have the right to compensation for their loss? The 5th Amendment requires
    compensation for pro...

  • Posted in thread: Federal Court overturns Army gun ban on 10-17-2014 at 04:41 PM
    This overturns the ban of carrying for self defense on Army Corps of Engineers property.

  • Posted in thread: Cosmoline removal from web sling on 10-16-2014 at 12:40 AM
    I tried the brake cleaner and it did not seem to loosen it up all that much. So, while still
    wet with brake cleaner I poured boiling hot water over the affected areas. The brake cleaner
    boiled impress...

  • Posted in thread: UK Police Union tells police to go into homes to secure Firearms... on 10-16-2014 at 12:35 AM
    This type of attitude is not unheard of the UK. Metropolitan Police raided the house of an
    internationally gun gun collector who was on good terms with his local police. However, the
    Metropolitan Poli...

  • Posted in thread: Cosmoline removal from web sling on 10-15-2014 at 11:03 PM
    I finally unboxed a coupled of Mosin 91/30s I bought last year. One had way too much cosmoline
    on the oil can which then got into the web sling. The things I tried so far did not lift the
    cosmo out of...

  • Posted in thread: Mauser case-forming question on 10-07-2014 at 08:17 PM
    I, too am a novice at reloading. If I had this problem I would try annealing the cases once
    more and put them through the sizing die again. It just might be that a repeat of the re-sizing
    may be neede...

  • Posted in thread: Single customer wins shootout with four armed robbers in Texas bar on 10-06-2014 at 05:06 PM
    I am not up on TX laws about carrying in a bar; in AZ we can carry in a bar but are not allowed
    to consume alcohol. Is (was) the shooter a "regular" at the bar? If so, it will only be a
    matter of time...

  • Posted in thread: It's the law: warning shot gets you 20 years on 10-05-2014 at 05:49 PM
    Mandatory sentencing rules get this guy a 20 year sentence for firing a warning shot into the
    wall. Seem a bit harsh to me.