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  • Posted in thread: Badass Gun Museum on 07-29-2013 at 05:30 PM
    I stumbled onto a gun Museum in Ketchikan, Alaska and was floored by the amazing display of
    super rare and historical guns. One was from 1535. I made a video of the museum so others could
    enjoy it. [a...

  • Posted in thread: Juggling While Shooting on 04-23-2013 at 02:07 PM
    Juggling while shooting, 20 seconds of awesomeness. [ame]

  • Posted in thread: Good day from a canadian on 03-28-2013 at 05:58 PM
    Welcome from Florida, today I'm in Cozumel Mexico. Good Times.

  • Posted in thread: Does anyone have a Keltec on 04-29-2012 at 05:55 PM
    I'm looking at buying the Keltec KSG 12/18.5 14+1 TOP PIC RAIL for my son who is turning 18.
    Does anyone have any first hand knowledge with this gun? It looks amazing but I want something
    that actuall...

  • Posted in thread: Why I carry a Gun on 12-15-2011 at 06:37 PM
    Sorry, I have not been involved with the conversation I'm traveling oversees with very limited
    internet. I will try to catch up when I get back into the states.

  • Posted in thread: Why I carry a Gun on 12-10-2011 at 02:33 PM
    And the boy can't make a phone call? Obviously if he's an infant or toddler then you're 100%
    right but that was never specified, but any 4 year old knows how to use a phone...Tell us OP,
    how old is yo...

  • Posted in thread: 12-Gauge Recommendations? on 12-10-2011 at 02:00 PM
    Most semi's are a few hounded more than a pump. Mossberg 930 spx are about 700$ newSo is a $700
    semi auto worth getting or should I wait till I can get a $1200 one. The last one I looked at
    was $1200....

  • Posted in thread: Why I carry a Gun on 12-09-2011 at 06:09 PM
    Here's a story about how a gun saved my son and I from being assaulted by a road raging madman.
    [ame= I carry a GUN - YouTube[/ame]Feel free to share if you would like.

  • Posted in thread: Can a cop take my property? on 12-09-2011 at 02:43 PM
    He did not steal the knife. He simply made sure it was not a threat to him during the event.So,
    if he feels my hands are a threat does he have the right to secure them?

  • Posted in thread: Can a cop take my property? on 12-09-2011 at 02:41 PM
    You're an idiotThanks for your witty retort.