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  • Posted in thread: DIY plumbers..... on 06-17-2017 at 11:23 PM
    I am considering a tankless water heater as well. Mine was new when I bought the house 11 years
    ago. I think I am on borrowed time. I was a plumber's apprentice when I was a kid. I can do
    just about a...

  • Posted in thread: Shrink Wrapping Ammo Boxes ? on 06-17-2017 at 08:42 PM
    I was in Quincy yesterday, tried Hobby Lobby, found some sheets in a roll the lady said might
    work. I've tried the Food Saver, but my shell box looked like deer chops. I don't have a great
    volume to d...

  • Posted in thread: DIY plumbers..... on 06-15-2017 at 11:57 PM
    The go/no go plate is for adjusting the crimper. You need a compressed fitting to slide into
    the go gauge. Most installations now have a one-inch feed, to a manifold. A 1-inch runs from
    the manifold t...

  • Posted in thread: RFID tags for theft recovery: recommendations? on 06-15-2017 at 09:23 AM
    The problem with rfid is that unless someone runs them through a reader field, they aren't
    really detectable. They are a passive device, that doesn't emit, unless it is in the
    corresponding field. The...

  • Posted in thread: Do we have an electrician in the house? on 06-09-2017 at 06:10 AM
    Kitchen and outdoors, be sure to use 20A GFI's on 20A circuits (Leviton)GFIs are required by
    most electrical codes in: Wet locations, (anywhere within five feet of water, so kitchens and
    baths, and at...

  • Posted in thread: Grills on 06-06-2017 at 04:12 AM
    I have a double triple burner, (two three burner grills, mounted side by side, on one
    platform), which is actually really neat, because you can roast a couple of chickens on one
    side, and grill steaks...

  • Posted in thread: Random Thoughts Thread on 06-03-2017 at 04:33 AM
    Water is a true miracle. It is the only element or compound which is lighter in it's solid
    state, than it's liquid phase, and there for floats on it's liquid phase.If it was typical,
    then the ice woul...

  • Posted in thread: Post a photo you have taken, any photo (Part 2) on 06-03-2017 at 02:36 AM
    My hands still aren't quite clean though. I tried.Peanut oil, with a surgeons scrub brush,
    followed by gojo, or any of the other waterless cleaners. Finished with hot water and Dawn or
    another "gentle...

  • Posted in thread: Father in Law now prohibited person on 06-01-2017 at 07:56 AM
    The appointment of a guardian is a legal action, by a court or board, which has determined that
    he is incompetent to manage his own affairs. Just like the 11f instructions define it. He has
    lost the r...

  • Posted in thread: Big Bang Theory on 05-29-2017 at 07:58 AM
    When i was in engineering school, I had to take differential equations. Thought it was going to
    be a completely useless waste of time, that as a construction engineer I would never see in the
    real wor...

January 2, 2017  •  03:17 PM
Hi I have 257 Roberts brass how many boxes do you want? Ps not improved!