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  • Posted in thread: gun buried in another state on 09-20-2016 at 03:53 AM
    I drove from my home in NC to Canada. I had to cross into Canada for a few hours, but I knew I
    couldn't bring my 357 magnum across the border. I buried it in Washington, in a nature/park. I
    don't thin...

  • Posted in thread: Militias on 12-14-2009 at 02:48 AM
    How did militias get a bad reputation? We have drug cartels strong enough to cease a city
    freely roaming across our border, but shame of being part of a militia? I think they should be
    encouraged. But...

  • Posted in thread: How do you sharpen and take care of your knife? on 11-04-2009 at 11:37 PM
    I have a few folding knifes and a butterfly one I play with. A couple could used a sharpening.
    How do u sharpen them? I have an old iron filer used for tools n stuff, I don't know what else
    to use and...

  • Posted in thread: 2012 on 11-04-2009 at 08:28 PM
    Ok guys, I read in an earlier post about the whole 2012 deal and how the shows on are catering
    to disasters because of the hysteria that the 2012 thing is already bring. How many of you
    think that som...

  • Posted in thread: Militias on 11-03-2009 at 07:32 PM
    It comforts me to see militias on the rise but at the same time, with power becomes
    responsibility. The big government is way more organized and they're growing by the herds with
    boys scouts.. a growi...

  • Posted in thread: New to the forum on 11-03-2009 at 07:19 PM
    Hey Mitch H glad to see u guys keep joining. The defence forums are one of the few good things
    u can turn to in this country for goodness and this one is great because of the fact there
    aren't a milli...

  • Posted in thread: Application for first time buying a gun on 08-29-2009 at 05:50 PM
    sorry I made a DUP please delete this topic.

  • Posted in thread: Application for first time buying a gun on 08-29-2009 at 05:47 PM
    I was given a website by my local police department and told to call back monday when the right
    person is there available. She said this website has the forms: New Jersey State Police - Forms
    To Downl...

  • Posted in thread: Question on caliber and accuracy on 04-18-2009 at 02:42 AM
    I see what you're saying. I rather have a lighter gun anyway to start out with. I'm sure it's
    plenty for all practical purposes. I see in popculture little gangsters shooting a bad weapon
    but unable t...

  • Posted in thread: Question on caliber and accuracy on 04-17-2009 at 11:24 PM
    I'm new to the gun world and when I see different guns I wonder about what caliber says or does
    it really matter? Why would someone want a .22 over a .38 ? I understand the philosophy bigger
    is better...