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  • Posted in thread: Another new guy in Georgia on 07-12-2009 at 03:17 AM
    Welcome to the forum. I'll give you one piece of advice - If a customer asks you something you
    are not sure of, don't give them a line of s^#t, just tell them you don't know. To me that is
    the worst p...

  • Posted in thread: Newbie Reloading on 07-12-2009 at 03:01 AM
    2hot - you can also get reloading manuals at just about any online bookstore. I suggest a 49th
    Edition of the Lyman Reloading Handbook. The first 100 or so pages will tell you what you need
    to start r...

  • Posted in thread: Hi from Georgia on 07-12-2009 at 02:45 AM
    Welcome to the forum, from another feller in Georgia.

  • Posted in thread: A few handgun questions for a book I'm writing. on 07-12-2009 at 02:34 AM
    I'm going to throw in a couple of cents worth. My son is a small town cop in Georgia (not NY).
    He carries a L1A1 with a couple of mags in the trunk of his car. The Police Chief of the town
    carries an ...

  • Posted in thread: What is your favorite milsurp bolt-action rifle? on 06-18-2009 at 05:13 AM
    Geez, that is a hard question, I have an 03-A3, Garand, K-98, Mosin 91/30, Mosin M44, and a few
    others and I like them all, but if I could keep only one of them, I would go with the M1 Garand

  • Posted in thread: Registration question on 06-18-2009 at 05:04 AM
    Ditto, for Georgia. The only registration needed is NFA and that is Federal Law, anyway.

  • Posted in thread: Tactical Response Training on 06-18-2009 at 05:01 AM
    I could not get the first link to work. If it is the video of the camera man down range, while
    firing goes on all around him, then I am glad it is off the web. It just makes all shooters/gun
    owners lo...

  • Posted in thread: used gun prices on 06-16-2009 at 02:30 AM
    I know that the auction sites are over priced, but I still look at them to see what a gun is
    going for there before I make an offer on one. I also use the Blue Book of Gun Values, but the
    auction site...

  • Posted in thread: looking to buy a handgun (my first) ..need help! on 06-16-2009 at 02:26 AM
    There are so many choices that you could make. If you have a range in your area that rents
    pistols, I would suggest that you try a few to pick the one that "fits" you best. I believe I
    would look into...

  • Posted in thread: price of 38 special ammo on 06-16-2009 at 02:09 AM
    I didn't realize that .38s were in short supply. I thought it was the .380 that couldn't be
    found!!I have hundreds of .38s that I have had for years, I really don't shoot a lot of them.
    When I take my...

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