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  • Posted in thread: Most bang for the buck on 09-16-2014 at 03:13 AM
    , Leupold VX-1 2-9x50mm Rifle Scope, Matte Black Duplex Reticle, a little beyond your price
    point but a great scope for the money! The 50MM retical really makes a diffrence in light
    gathering. I wou...

  • Posted in thread: Thoughts on 22mag for squirels on 09-16-2014 at 02:55 AM
    If you are so close to houses you are using a 22 short so the bullet won't hit a house you need
    a shotgun. It is not safe to hunt squirrels with a rifle if a 22LR might hit a house. The only
    places I ...

  • Posted in thread: RRA national match trigger on 09-15-2014 at 10:45 PM
    On the two I've had access to over the years, the first had a starting pull of 3.75 lbs and
    after about 500 rds was measured to have 3.25 lbs break. The second was a customers gun I had
    for extended l...

  • Posted in thread: Long range bolt action target gun on 09-15-2014 at 03:19 AM
    I've been playing just a bit with longer ranges. Started out with a 20" AR15 I had in the rack.
    Put a SWFA Super Sniper 16X on it. Fungun. Shoots .5 MOA with ammo it likes. 1-9 barrel, I
    stayed with 5...

  • Posted in thread: BIG Truck....... on 09-15-2014 at 02:55 AM
    My terminal only does doubles, we are not close enough to the turnpike to run triples. I run
    city p&d because I hate messing with the doubles. If the back one is empty it seems like every
    time you hit...

  • Posted in thread: Favorite home defense round. on 09-15-2014 at 02:42 AM
    S&W M&P in .40 with a 15rd mag, plus two more mags beside the bed. My 12 Gauge Mossy 500 with
    alternating slugs and 00 Buck in the closet top shelf loaded. That covers at home. On the road
    I carry the...

  • Posted in thread: Hello everyone on 09-15-2014 at 02:32 AM
    Another "K" fan is always welcome here!

  • Posted in thread: So... What gun are you looking to buy next? on 09-15-2014 at 02:27 AM
    Been a while since I "bought" a new one, but I "build" quite a few. Currently working up to
    build an AR10 in 243Win. Ordered the barrel from Blackhole this week. Thinking about the PSA
    308 Upper/lower...

  • Posted in thread: Long range bolt action target gun on 09-15-2014 at 02:02 AM
    $589.99Savage 16/116 Trophy Hunter XP .300 Win Mag, Good gun with a caliber that will take
    you to the 1000 yd range. I'd add a good Leopold VX-2/VX-3 scope in 4-16X50 or 6-24X50 and work
    up some han...

  • Posted in thread: Where were you? on 09-15-2014 at 01:21 AM
    In NY about 20 blocks away. My cousin worked at Leman Bros on the 43rd floor of the tower. I
    was in the city with my wife, and his wife playing camel while they shopped. We were supposed
    to meet him f...

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