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04-02-2009 9:25 PM


  • Posted in thread: 400 bucks on 04-03-2009 at 01:14 AM
    If you had 400 bucks and needed to buy a hand gun what would you buy??

  • Posted in thread: switchblades on 05-04-2008 at 09:06 PM
    OH well, live and learn. I was lucky it(the knife) wasnt brass knuckles, nunchuks or a kubaton.
    THe charge was "prohibited weapon" so when the judge asked me what the weapon was I said a
    "spring-fed k...

  • Posted in thread: .357 & .38 on 04-22-2008 at 01:58 AM
    Not a problem. .38 is way cheaper too!

  • Posted in thread: Favorite Revolver Caliber on 04-22-2008 at 01:50 AM
    .357 Hands down. Just saw the S&W M&P 340(hammerless), gives me a hardon.

  • Posted in thread: What's next? on 04-20-2008 at 02:11 PM
    A HK P7M8 or P7M13(if i can find it) or P7M10(ditto)IF and when i can afford it.Ultimate carry
    gun(for me anyway) and the unique/cool factor also..

  • Posted in thread: Magsafes?? on 04-20-2008 at 02:06 PM
    Ive used these as my home defense load in my handguns for 6 years, but I have been having
    second thoughts to wether they are ideal or not. I have 4 people in my household in 3 bedrooms.
    The round is p...

  • Posted in thread: When Was The Last Time Your Revolver......? on 04-20-2008 at 01:48 PM
    When was the last time your revolver jammed????LOL, made you look!!! Sorry guys but some of
    those resposes in the thread:"WOULD YOU CARRY A REVOLVER?" pressured me into getting a little

  • Posted in thread: Would you carry a revolver? on 04-20-2008 at 01:43 PM
    DITTO!!! MORE MOVING PARTS = MORE MESS(dont think I have to explain) I should start a new
    Thread "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOUR REVOLVER JAMMED!!??":confused: Oh, is that why we have two
    different CHL's...

  • Posted in thread: 1st Handgun?? on 04-20-2008 at 01:31 PM
    What was your 1st handgun you ever owned and how did that experience manifest what you shoot
    today??My 1st was a Full size brushed chrome .40S&W baby eagle that weighs a ton, but shoots
    straight as he...

  • Posted in thread: First Gun you ever Owned on 04-20-2008 at 07:52 AM
    First Gun ever .22 rimfire Marlin bolt action given to me by my grandfather Age 8.First Handgun
    .40s&w brushed chrome baby desert eagle that I bought used from a cop.