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  • Posted in thread: ISSC MSR MK22 Scar Review and Range Test on 02-17-2011 at 03:00 AM
    I bought one wast week and get to pick it up tomorrow morning. I paid $499 plus tax, wasnt
    happy about paying 500 for a 22 but once i figured in all the ammo i waste out of other guns
    seemed like a wa...

  • Posted in thread: New Medal of Honor Game Lets You Play the Taliban! on 08-26-2010 at 11:37 PM
    While i do enjoy these types of games you figure you would be able to sell more if you got to
    kill the taliban. Even though its just a game i would have a hard time purchasing anything that
    involves s...

  • Posted in thread: Young female murder suspect fired shot after robbery victim laughed! on 08-26-2010 at 11:32 PM
    WOW with that mentality the mother or aunt ought to be in jail with her. Hopefully they pin the
    brother with as much as possible.

  • Posted in thread: Display or safe? on 08-25-2010 at 02:54 AM
    I have a safe (full now guess i need a new safe and guns to fill it). The main reason i bought
    it was to store a couple of my Grandfathers and Fathers firearms. But now i keep all in it
    (minus the wea...

  • Posted in thread: Suggest New thread areas on 08-25-2010 at 01:32 AM
    Most crime rata data can be obtained on the internet at the FBI website (I used it once to
    refute a claim from one of our northern neighbors that the US is more violent than Canada per
    capita (it isn'...

  • Posted in thread: Gun shop to open next to NY Mosque? on 08-21-2010 at 04:24 AM
    Greg Gutfeld | Gutfeld Gay Bar | Ground Zero Mosque | Mediaite here is an article on Gutfelds
    gay muslim bar including his original twitter post.

  • Posted in thread: Credit Card. on 08-20-2010 at 08:52 PM
    I have had my debit card info stolen twice, 2 diff banks. I believe the first time a bartender
    wrote down my info and used it that way no idea how they got it the second time. Both time it
    was relativ...

  • Posted in thread: Gun shop to open next to NY Mosque? on 08-20-2010 at 06:43 PM
    From what i understand it wont serve alchohol unlsess they find another building because you
    cannot serve alchohol within a certain range of a place of worship. My best guess would be that
    it would be...

  • Posted in thread: Gun shop to open next to NY Mosque? on 08-20-2010 at 06:19 PM
    Greg Gutfield is supposedly going to build a muslim gay bar next to the mosque. He talks
    frequently about this on his show red eye (3am eastern time) on Fox news. He sounds pretty
    serious about it, an...

  • Posted in thread: Cheapest place to buy ammo online on 08-12-2010 at 05:25 PM - User-Submitted Gun & Ammunition Deals its a website where users enter the
    cheapes places to find ammo in a particular ammunition(you search by caliber). Used it a couple
    times usually ...