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  • Posted in thread: Take a look at this new CC pistol. Any comments on 11-19-2015 at 09:38 PM
    The problem iit is attempting to fix has long been taken care of by semi-autos with fixed
    barrels. Mak comes to mind.

  • Posted in thread: Please help to Keep EU citizens to keep there Weapons. on 11-19-2015 at 09:32 PM
    In Germany, it is a crime to deny the holocaust. While it may be politically insensitive, why
    should it be a crime?Because there is still a German cultural memory of what ignoring the facts
    can get yo...

  • Posted in thread: Preventing rusty screw holes on 06-18-2015 at 09:44 PM
    I prevent it by staying out of sleazy bars.

  • Posted in thread: Obama seeks to ban gun talk on 06-18-2015 at 09:41 PM
    How many people here really think BHO is going to exit without a full frontal attack on the 2A
    just before he leaves? Anyone? His executive Orders days are numbered but thats the beauty of
    the Executi...

  • Posted in thread: Your Sincere Friend: Gandhi writes to Hitler on 06-18-2015 at 09:18 PM
    Why would that letter be written by an Indian to a German, in English?

  • Posted in thread: Angry People Shouldn't Have Firearms on 04-13-2015 at 09:33 PM
    This thread may end up moved or closed at the whim of a moderator. They stated before that the
    section is for the "positive" media coverage. Just saying. On the topic, the article quoted
    facts and stu...

  • Posted in thread: Cop kills another cop at a range! on 04-12-2015 at 01:05 AM
    The gun has nothing to do with negligence.Sometimes you have to read between the lines, or have
    someone else explain it to you.......

  • Posted in thread: Obama Interview on Gun Control Plans on 04-12-2015 at 01:02 AM
    Are uou comfortable with the fact that the politicians you vote for want to ban at least some
    of the guns you own?I don't worry a hell of a lot about what people want to do. I might be
    worried if they...

  • Posted in thread: Obama Interview on Gun Control Plans on 04-12-2015 at 12:40 AM
    Gun control is an article of faith to the left.One woman on a local talk radio show called for
    a total ban on guns. The pro-gun host read her statistics showing that there is more crime
    where gun laws...

  • Posted in thread: UPS shipment Rifle damaged. Any way to be sure claim approved? on 04-12-2015 at 12:24 AM
    UPS is notorious for not honoring damages even if it is their fault. If they have a way out,
    they will not pay. I had to send a small piece of furniture across the country, so I took it to
    the UPS sto...

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