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  • Posted in thread: Rattle Snake Migration on 10-21-2016 at 03:59 PM
    Diesel fuel or coal oil is the best temporary pain killer available if you are in the back
    country. People who are not living in Urban areas are not dependent on the drug stores in a
    pinch. :)

  • Posted in thread: And so it begins in Michigan on 10-21-2016 at 03:44 PM
    The Nazi inspired 1968 gun laws were the answer to creating gun safety. These were the
    Democrat's common sense gun laws. Firearms abuse has spiraled since 1968. Prior to 1968 it was
    legal to teach the...

  • Posted in thread: NYC vs Jersey City Tap Water on 10-21-2016 at 03:28 PM
    What is this? :confused: The hard facts are if the guy up the street forgets to flush his
    toilet you will not have drinking water. :oI prefer to live where my water is not reclaimed.:D

  • Posted in thread: Rattle Snake Migration on 10-21-2016 at 03:23 PM
    Kfoz75, Most people are not aware of the blood poison issues of the snake bite. The venom is a
    2 phase toxin. The first phase the venom knocks out your resistance to the toxins. The second
    phase the v...

  • Posted in thread: Waffle House Robbed Again and Again on 10-21-2016 at 03:16 PM
    tinB, That is why no one should drink soda pop without adding alcohol to it. Always sanitize it
    with a good Kentucky Bourbon:D

  • Posted in thread: Decked out my Henry on 10-21-2016 at 04:28 AM
    Damn look out!! Your rifle is being eaten by an Armadillo.:D;)

  • Posted in thread: Ruger Mini-30 Lead Bullets on 10-21-2016 at 04:15 AM
    I cast a 130 grs. .309 for the 30-30. It can run at 2,200 fps before gas cutting begins. I use
    100% Linotype and a gas check. Casting bullets is the fun side of hand loading:).

  • Posted in thread: And so it begins in Michigan on 10-21-2016 at 04:10 AM
    Josh Sugarman anti gun activist came up with the word "Assault rifle" to attach ownership to
    the Nazis. It is too bad gun owners uses that word more than the antigun Orgs.

  • Posted in thread: Dinner, what's up? on 10-21-2016 at 12:53 AM
    I see you Domicile in Madison, Indiana. Way back in 1959 they filmed a major movie in the old
    river town. "Some Came Running" with Frank Sinatra Dean Martin etc. One of my college pals was
    from Madiso...

  • Posted in thread: Dinner, what's up? on 10-20-2016 at 03:00 PM
    Home made "Poultry Pies" are great. But I do like the commercial Marie Calendar's pies. :)

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