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  • Posted in thread: "Witloe" Remington New Model Army on 01-14-2013 at 10:58 PM
    Wanted, any information concerning "Witloe Precision, Inc.". They made a replica Remington 1858
    New Model Army revolver. Two models were made, the “Grant” and the “Lee”. The “Grant” had a
    steel frame ...

  • Posted in thread: Remington New Model Army made by Witloe Precision Inc. on 08-07-2011 at 07:02 PM
    I wish to express my thanks to the members of this forum for their help in locating information
    about Remington New Model Army revolvers made by Witloe Precision Inc. of Collingdale, PA., and
    those pr...

  • Posted in thread: Witloe Remington New Model Army on 03-10-2011 at 02:26 PM
    I guess I am having a little problem understanding orangeyellow's response. Was this intended
    as something helpful as I thought this forum was about or was it some kind of "know-it-all"
    response? Mayb...

  • Posted in thread: Witloe Remington New Model Army on 03-01-2011 at 05:10 PM
    I have started a register of the Witloe manufactured Remington New Model Army revolvers. If you
    know of one please contact me.I would also like to buy Remington New Model Army replica
    revolvers made b...

  • Posted in thread: Increased Prices of Replica Percussion Revolvers on 10-13-2010 at 07:41 PM
    I have been conducting some research into the price increases that we have all seen in the past
    couple of years. A lot of this is due to the economic fiasco of out illustrious Obama’s total
    lack of ho...

  • Posted in thread: Witloe revolver registry on 06-29-2010 at 05:06 PM
    After several years of posting about wanting to buy or gather information on various Forums, I
    have been able to uncover 20 of these revolvers. Even though these are rare there seems to be
    more out th...

  • Posted in thread: P. Bondini Firearms on 06-07-2010 at 06:10 PM
    Thanks guys, I just picked up a CSA Commemorative Remington New Model Army Brass frame that is
    markded P. Bondini. Beinging strickly a revolver man I had never seen this marking on a
    revolver. Again, ...

  • Posted in thread: P. Bondini Firearms on 06-06-2010 at 04:54 PM
    "P. Bondini Firearms"I have noticed several postings over the years for black powder rifles and
    pistols with the name P. Bondini. Is this a distributor or a manufacturer? I would like any
    info availab...

  • Posted in thread: L. A. Jensen replica Spiller & Burr on 06-02-2010 at 04:19 PM
    Gentlemen, I need your help. I am trying to finish up research concerning the L. A. Jensen
    replica Spiller & Burr revolver manufactured in Lake City, Florida in the 1950’s. From precious
    postings I ha...

  • Posted in thread: E.M.F. 1858 Remington on 04-28-2010 at 05:10 PM
    There are only three manufacturers left in the mass production market for the Remington New
    Model Army. They are Pietta, Uberti, and Euroarms. The Piettas are essentially the same
    regardless of who di...