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09-26-2008 12:06 AM


  • Posted in thread: M1 Carbine Questions on 09-18-2008 at 05:21 AM
    Given the sparse information you've posted here, my caveat is that all info I give concerning
    the one of the two firearms you describe should be taken with a grain of salt...Be that as it
    may, the car...

  • Posted in thread: what can i do? on 09-18-2008 at 12:25 AM
    Like someone said, part it out. It's a shame to do so, but it's a far bigger shame to spend a
    few years at Club Fed.I'd strip as much off it and surrender the receiver to the ATF. The
    receiver is the ...

  • Posted in thread: grandfather's luger on 09-18-2008 at 12:20 AM
    [QUOTE=Boris;40503]As for 2Z (Mk11z) of which I am very familiar having humped quite a bit of
    it over the years, like all military 9mm para is designed for optimum use as you rightly stated
    in subguns...

  • Posted in thread: grandfather's luger on 09-18-2008 at 12:19 AM
    Deleted due to double posting

  • Posted in thread: .44 colt black powder pistol on 09-13-2008 at 07:14 PM
    Pictures are really necessary to properly ID your piece. Is it .44 or .36 cal? Octagonal or
    rounded barrel? What is the barrel length and what are the patent dates on the barrel? The 1851
    Navy has the...

  • Posted in thread: grandfather's luger on 09-13-2008 at 06:22 PM
    If someone was going to handload ammunition for the PO-8, it's safe to say that they'd be using
    modern smokeless powder, that being the same powder that'd be in the specific types of
    ammunition I ment...

  • Posted in thread: grandfather's luger on 09-13-2008 at 06:18 AM
    I own and actively shoot several Lugers...from mix-n-match shooters to a pristine 1939 42
    production and a 1916 DWM artillery piece. I've never had an issue with the properly chosen
    modern ammo that m...

  • Posted in thread: Great-grand-fathers revolver on 09-12-2008 at 07:48 PM
    That's not a Police Positive, it's probably a Model 1892 "New Army & Navy" (2nd Issue).. Does
    it say "Colt D.A. 38" on the left side of the barrel near the frame and patent info on the top
    of the barr...

  • Posted in thread: grandfather's luger on 09-12-2008 at 07:14 PM
    One important note do not, and I repeat do not, if the gun is a military P08 use factory modern
    9mm rounds. They will fire but the pistol was designed in a gentler age and modern ammunition
    at some po...