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  • Posted in thread: Gun Cleaning Input on 09-11-2014 at 03:56 AM
    I have been shooting cast bullets for fun and in matches and have found some guns just like to
    be dirty to shoot well. one rifle takes 15 or 20 rounds to settle down after a cleaning
    session. now with...

  • Posted in thread: What gun do you want next? on 03-21-2014 at 07:49 AM
    you know what I want them all. everyone I never met a gun I couldn't find something good to say
    about it. some were so ugly they were cute some were so expensive all I could do is dream. but
    I want th...

  • Posted in thread: What gun do you want next? on 03-21-2014 at 07:40 AM
    I have a cpa 32-40 single shot on order darn I really hate waiting but I have a hunch it will
    be worth the wait. I keep buying guns I am addicted and I am not going to go through the 12
    step program. ...

  • Posted in thread: Ammo shortage on 02-25-2014 at 06:35 PM
    one thing that surprises me is that local gun store had ely ammo for 11 to 17 per box depending
    on weather it was match or practice and no one bought it. why pay 15 for junk ammo and leave
    the good st...

  • Posted in thread: Ammo shortage on 02-25-2014 at 04:27 AM
    I had a table at the Yakima wa. gun show this weekend, just for grins and giggles I took a
    brick of federal champion 22 ammo. I was embarrassed to put a price on it. so one guy asked me
    how much it wa...

  • Posted in thread: Airweight Snubbies Durability? on 02-19-2014 at 05:01 AM
    I vote for a gun any gun beats the heck out of saying .............................. Please
    don't hurt me.

  • Posted in thread: Wrong primer now what?? on 02-14-2014 at 06:21 AM
    I would never salvage primers I have had very few misfire and am sure it couldn't be my fault
    (maybe ) why take a chance I know primers are a bit hard to find but I think it is asking for

  • Posted in thread: Airweight Snubbies Durability? on 02-14-2014 at 06:15 AM
    I really think it is important to practice with the gun you are carrying.. I have 2 air lite
    smiths. one is the air lite 22 I bought the first one I found it is a 3 number serial number.
    now I must ad...

  • Posted in thread: Remington r51 ? on 02-13-2014 at 07:08 AM
    I have 4 Remington model 51 pistols 2 in 32 acp and 2 380 models. they are a work of art in my
    opinion. hard to take apart??? most guns seem hard to strip the first time or so, but when you
    get used t...

  • Posted in thread: firearm and reloading record keeping on 11-06-2012 at 08:15 AM
    i am looking for some software to keep track of my firearms and the results of reloading. it is
    getting kinda cumbersome to keep it on paper and now with a lap top i should be able to keep
    better reco...