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  • Is British, a teenager, a bit wet around the ears. Wishes to join the armed services. Enjoys LGBT rights and gun culture (with all the bells and whistles).
  • Cardiff,Vale of Glamorgan
  • Reading, and some other stuff, exercise, video games, (No not CoD), assosciating with pets and blogging.
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  • Posted in thread: Ok, this is a little exessive. on 05-26-2012 at 11:03 AM
    I definetly want the Stoeger Double Defense in the O/U configuration or maybe the Mossberg
    Maverick HS 12. Because they're "tactical" got those rails, right. And they would be legal in
    the UK... I w...

  • Posted in thread: What have you done lately for Preps? on 11-14-2011 at 07:41 PM
    -trollpost, maybe-Well, I've started collecting some bottle caps. -trollface-But seriously, I
    learnt from my dad how to make certain traps, a rudimentry alarm system with tin cans, and I'm
    thinking of...

  • Posted in thread: What is it with everybody and their Glocks? on 11-14-2011 at 07:20 PM
    I would say the 1911 is more asethetically pleasing, it looks prettier and more manly than a
    Glock. But I would say a Glock is more ergenomically designed for people of all sizes, not just
    grown men.

  • Posted in thread: what is the most reliable semi auto pistol on 08-08-2011 at 12:00 AM
    I HAVE wanted to know this, actually. What make of Self loading pistol is the most realiable
    and easy to use. If I could. Should I get a Browning? Makarov? Colt? Glcok? I would like to

  • Posted in thread: Hiya from Ireland on 08-07-2011 at 11:53 PM
    Welcome. Good to see another European here. :D

  • Posted in thread: The what are you listening to right now thread on 06-24-2011 at 10:31 PM
    [ame= - ‪KYPCK - Alleya Stalina‬‏[/ame]

  • Posted in thread: Internet movie firearms databank on 06-22-2011 at 10:20 PM
    I love that website! Love, love, love it! So cool to see the gun Travolta was using in Pulp
    Fiction!I got it in my favourites and everything!

  • Posted in thread: Bird Shot IS NOT FOR SELF DEFENSE on 06-19-2011 at 12:05 PM
    Now, intresting story that I heard from my dad, he fought in the Malayan Emergency. And you
    know what someone used to do wrong? They used to send them birdshot, like 20 pellets in a
    shell, compared to...

  • Posted in thread: I Love Zombie Movies on 06-18-2011 at 07:37 PM
    I love Dead Alive (AKA: Braindead in Britian) Shock Waves has Peter Cuching in it, Peter
    Cushing one of the great Horror trio... How can it NOT be good?

  • Posted in thread: My first shotgun questions on 06-17-2011 at 06:03 PM
    Well, I'm slightly ignorant about shotguns and I might have some questions about them.