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  • guns and shooting and I have a little shop at home where I like to tinker with all kind of things
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  • Posted in thread: City life vs country life .....! on 01-15-2017 at 02:58 AM
    Love my place in the country, grew up on the the edge of country but folks had property a
    little farther out that we farmed, spent many summers picking peas, butter beans, corn, squash,
    cucumbers and ...

  • Posted in thread: Bigfoot/Sasquatch - Don't make it up, let's hear what you saw? on 01-15-2017 at 02:33 AM
    No Bigfoot, but years ago went deer hunting with a buddy, was very very foggy that morning. I
    found a good tree got up in it and waited, heard stuff moving but to foggy to see. After the
    sun got on up...

  • Posted in thread: What life lessons has the music you listen to taught you? on 01-12-2017 at 01:38 AM
    Three songs that really, I don't know how to say it, get to me or hold special to me, or really
    touch me inside you might say. But Marshall Tucker Bands Can't You See, George Jones He Stopped
    Loving H...

  • Posted in thread: Big Bang Theory on 01-12-2017 at 01:14 AM
    I saw that show a few weeks ago for the first time, my wife loves to watch it and has been
    trying to get me to watch it. I got to say it is funny, now I will watch it whenever it is on.

  • Posted in thread: A thought on the south ...! on 01-08-2017 at 02:26 AM
    Don't like the syrup and cinnimin in my grits either, couple eggs over easy and some sausage or
    bacon. I have been here about all my life except for the year I spent in California back in 75.
    Pretty m...

  • Posted in thread: A thought on the south ...! on 01-08-2017 at 01:36 AM
    Thanks Dango for thinking about us down here in the south. We usually get a little snow once a
    winter or either a ice storm. A couple of years ago we had about 3-4 inches of snow in January
    and then a...

  • Posted in thread: Your ownership goals for 2017? Lets see em' on 01-08-2017 at 12:55 AM
    As far as a goal it would probably be another 1911, 5" barrel, probably a Colt or Springfield.
    Anything else would be whatever I come across in the pawnshop or LGS that strikes my fancy when
    I got mon...

  • Posted in thread: Hello everyone on 01-08-2017 at 12:38 AM
    Welcome from Augusta Ga. I don't do any competitive shooting but I do have a very unruly stump
    out back!!!!:D

  • Posted in thread: Back at it again on 01-08-2017 at 12:32 AM
    Welcome from down the road a little ways in Augusta Ga.

  • Posted in thread: New member from Florida on 01-08-2017 at 12:24 AM
    Welcome from up the road in Augusta Ga.

My readings of history convinces me that most bad government results from to much government.....Thomas Jefferson Being Ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn............Benjamin Franklin Your right to be free is also my right to be free from you.....Me Life member NRA Member Georgia Carry.Org