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  • Posted in thread: Cigars. on 03-22-2013 at 02:10 PM
    One of the perks of having a friend in Venezuela! Asmel.The next time I will take with me some
    Cohibas Espelendidos and a couple of Partagas, maybe, if I don´t smoke them first a couple of
    Romeo y Ju...

  • Posted in thread: Is the ford ranger a good truck? on 03-06-2013 at 04:12 AM
    Back when I worked in the limestone quarry, we had a 2002 crew-cab 4.0 auto trans 4x4... I love
    it, we used and abused that poor truck, I still miss her...

  • Posted in thread: 3 words on 03-06-2013 at 02:00 AM
    Chavez finally died :D

  • Posted in thread: The what are you listening to right now thread on 01-30-2013 at 10:08 PM
    Steve Lee - I like guns[ame] really like his music

  • Posted in thread: NEXUS SHOOTING: A new indoor range for South Florida! on 01-30-2013 at 10:02 PM
    The first thing I'll be visiting (after Cane's house) in my next trip to US...:D

  • Posted in thread: What do you look like? on 01-30-2013 at 10:00 PM
    My wedding on December 28th. 2012

  • Posted in thread: The what are you listening to right now thread on 10-12-2012 at 05:31 AM
    The Corrs Unplugged

  • Posted in thread: The what are you listening to right now thread on 10-09-2012 at 08:35 PM
    Bon Jovi, New Jersey album (Stick to your guns this very moment)

  • Posted in thread: The "I hate" thread on 10-09-2012 at 03:00 AM
    I hate Chavez

  • Posted in thread: Chavez wins ... again on 10-09-2012 at 02:14 AM
    What's upI will write down the same words that I said to Shihan few moments ago:I couldn't be
    this sad as I'm right now, I fell sleep last night while crying... I'm speechless, in this
    moment I just p...

“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that, my dear friend, is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. Dr. Adrian Rogers” TELL CHAVEZ NOW! CLICK HERE