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  • Posted in thread: How cheap can I go with a AR? on 08-27-2011 at 04:31 AM
    My crap ARs are still as dependible if not sometimes more so then the more expensive tier 1s at
    twice the price. Take a look at Stagg, PSA, Del-ton, Cmmg.

  • Posted in thread: Hunting rifle on 08-27-2011 at 04:24 AM
    I am not a fan of the statement "overpowered." I shoot a 7mm rem mag and have never
    "overkilled" a deer with it. I think the 338 is an awesome caliber and you will be super
    pleased with it. I'm a big ...

  • Posted in thread: Hunting rifle on 08-27-2011 at 04:17 AM
    I reload just about everything lol. Anything to save a bit of money only to put it back into
    another gun.Since your reloading the 338 will kill most everything super fantastico, and do it
    better then ...

  • Posted in thread: Hunting rifle on 08-26-2011 at 10:16 PM
    If you reload the 338 may be the all around bestest ever. I used to load a 225 gr over 64 gr of
    h-4350 and was pushing about 2600+ which is not too powerful for just about any game. :eek:

  • Posted in thread: Marlin 30/30 or an XL7 .270 on 08-26-2011 at 01:57 AM
    May i ask why you have to, or want to make a choice between these two? A shtf event pretty much
    screams AR or AK for the most part. So this is why im asking. ;)

  • Posted in thread: Any love for the 280 Remington? on 08-26-2011 at 01:35 AM
    I cant say anything about the 280 other then what ive read in reloading manuals. So my vote
    goes for the 243 or a 7-08. I think people tend to under estimate the 243 and the 7-08 too
    there own detrime...

  • Posted in thread: What would you buy next? on 08-26-2011 at 01:19 AM
    Theres not much an AR cant do;)

  • Posted in thread: Needing a very rugged backpacking rifle. on 08-26-2011 at 01:15 AM
    Well, im going with my AR in 5.56 as my light, durable back packing rifle. With the right ammo
    selection it will kill anything that walks, and you will have 30 rounds to do it with before
    reloading. P...

  • Posted in thread: What are you Reloading for? on 08-26-2011 at 12:58 AM
    I just reload for my 300wsm now a days, and its for accuracy not speed.:eek: To tell the truth
    i dont think i need all the speed the 300 can make anyways.:eek: