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Firearms Forum: In Stock 03-30-2013, 11:18 PM
Replies: 21
Views: 2,603
Posted By CD Woods
It's your money.


It's your money, do as you wish. I have a good supply and will never pay those prices, nor will I reward a crook.
Firearms Forum: In Stock 03-29-2013, 11:46 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 1,484
Posted By CD Woods

I am no longer a customer of theirs. I never will be again.
Firearms Forum: In Stock 03-29-2013, 11:41 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 4,602
Posted By CD Woods
22lr Bulk Ammo

I'm sorry, buy $.22 to $.50 per round for 22lr will never be accepted by me as a good deal. That is a $.05 round and we should ignore every dealer until they start to act responsibly.
Firearms Forum: In Stock 03-29-2013, 11:34 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 965
Posted By CD Woods
Ammo Stock Piled

I hope most of us have been purchasing extra for the last few years, and can easily wait out this BS. I will not pay extra either.
Firearms Forum: In Stock 03-29-2013, 11:28 PM
Replies: 21
Views: 2,603
Posted By CD Woods

Serious - $24.75 for a box of 50 rounds of 22LR?
$93.25 for 100 rounds of 5.56?
$385 or $389 for 500 rounds of crap 5.56 from Russia?
$595 for 1000...
Firearms Forum: In Stock 03-29-2013, 11:17 PM
Replies: 148
Views: 10,173
Posted By CD Woods
DHS Purchases

Yes the Government and many of its agencies are purchasing millions and millions of rounds. Hollow point ammunition, that cannot not be used by Soldiers, against other Soldiers. At least the Geneva...
Firearms Forum: In Stock 03-29-2013, 10:44 PM
Replies: 38
Views: 2,434
Posted By CD Woods
Cheaper Than Dirt - No Longer

:mad: I will never order from CTD again. Even at the Gun Shows when someone tries to tell me it's all about Supply and Demand, I tell them they are Full Of It. Price gouging and not only that, the...
Firearms Forum: Texas Gun Forum 02-21-2013, 12:15 AM
Replies: 14
Views: 1,892
Posted By CD Woods
Bexar Community Range - East of San Antonio...

Bexar Community Range - East of San Antonio outside of 1604, at Trainer Hale Road (exit # 593). Excllent staff, great class rooms, and the price is right. $10.- to shoot, and they do not count...
Firearms Forum: Curio & Relic Discussion 02-26-2012, 04:33 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 670
Posted By CD Woods
Magazine issues

Magazines are not hard to come by at gun shows. However, I had one that had a feeding problem, that had nothing to do with the mags. Check the Hammer Assembly. It has two (1) ammo feed guides and...
Firearms Forum: Semi-Auto Handguns 12-29-2011, 03:09 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 855
Posted By CD Woods

I have not seen one of these yet, and I would be interested to see how one feels and shoots. I do own it's Grandfather the Grendel P-30 made back in the early 90's. It's accurate and fun to shoot,...
Firearms Forum: Semi-Auto Handguns 12-29-2011, 02:52 AM
Replies: 194
Views: 58,731
Posted By CD Woods
Best Handgun

I would make one suggestion, stay away from plastic pistols. I know many will swear by them, and I have a few also. However a solid steel frame will last forever, while a plastic frame, at best has...
Firearms Forum: 1911 Forum 12-29-2011, 02:33 AM
Replies: 19
Views: 1,135
Posted By CD Woods
First 1911

I'd suggest going for a Springfield 1911 A1 as a great starter for this type. It's a solid basic pistol and gives you a lot of options for future add ons, if you so desire. I would go with the basic...
Firearms Forum: General Handgun Discussion 12-02-2011, 11:47 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 889
Posted By CD Woods
.45 ACP's

Oh Damn, did you ever just put an idea into my next range day. What's even better, I have 4 x 15 round magazines. This is going to cost me some ammo, but I bet it will be fun.....LMAO!
Firearms Forum: General Handgun Discussion 12-02-2011, 12:04 AM
Replies: 11
Views: 889
Posted By CD Woods
Springfield 1911 A1

I've got two (2) of these as a matching set and love them both. Basic good to go, rugged .45ACP.
Firearms Forum: Semi-Auto Handguns 11-28-2011, 12:48 AM
Replies: 38
Views: 4,403
Posted By CD Woods
Taurus Pistols

I have 2 full sized 9mm PT92's and 2 compact .45ACP PT145's. All 4 are accurate as hell to about 20 to 30 yards. I needed a repair only once and it was done quickly and correctly. They come with a...
Firearms Forum: 1911 Forum 11-28-2011, 12:37 AM
Replies: 110
Views: 36,089
Posted By CD Woods
Warning Required

If you are going to post a pictures of Nancy Pelosie, please at least warn a fella ahead of time. I almost lost my meal.
Firearms Forum: Semi-Auto Handguns 10-20-2011, 12:52 AM
Replies: 66
Views: 8,165
Posted By CD Woods
My favorite 9mm's

1. Sig Sauer P226
2. Beretta 92FS
3. Walther P1/P38
4. Sig Sauer P228
5. CZ 75
Firearms Forum: Revolver Handguns 10-20-2011, 12:19 AM
Replies: 27
Views: 3,138
Posted By CD Woods
Ruger GP 100 in a 4 inch version

I've seen these here in San Antonio, Texas for a Stainless model at about $575.00 recently. I was extremely lucky and purchased one on-line at a popular weapons auction site for $375.00 and it was...
Firearms Forum: DIY Projects 10-16-2011, 04:57 PM
Replies: 1,146
Views: 124,481
Posted By CD Woods
Gun Cleaning

I normally fire 3 to 4 weapons every weekend. I clean each of them completely after every firing. It makes for a good afternoon in the man cave listening to music, or watching a man movie. :D
Firearms Forum: Semi-Auto Handguns 07-27-2011, 03:01 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 1,266
Posted By CD Woods
Taurus PT145

Early model PT145 magazines had serious problems feeding correctly. I had a few of these and contacted Taurus. I mentioned to them I was aware they had a life time warranty on their pistols, but did...
Firearms Forum: Training & Safety 12-15-2010, 11:25 PM
Replies: 39
Views: 3,617
Posted By CD Woods
Fire Arm Safety

Sir, Friends or not, guns of any type are dangerous if people do not treat them with respect. If you can not explain to your friends how important it is to act mature around any weapon, then do...
Firearms Forum: Semi-Auto Handguns 08-18-2010, 11:57 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 728
Posted By CD Woods
CZ-82 vs PA-63

They both utilize the Makarov 9 x 18mm round. 1 mm shorter than a standard 9mm round and 1 mm longer than a 380. The CZ-82 has a solid Steel Frame and Slide, while the PA-63 has an Aluminum Frame and...
Firearms Forum: Curio & Relic Discussion 02-26-2010, 11:17 PM
Replies: 24
Views: 2,802
Posted By CD Woods
Nice Rifle

Very nice rifle. I also noticed the Ammo Cans. Are they full? If so next time show some Ammo Porn by opening them all up and let us drool. Great Catch!
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