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For anyone who was or is a vet that is a firearm enthusiast and is up for any topic from questions about building up your firearms, to what you did in the service.
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11:34 AM
Geared towards reloading for the Springfield 9mm EMP
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10:08 PM
I only own 2 firearms, a Ruger Mini14N.R.A. and a new Mossberg 500 with an ati stock. In the past I have had a lot of guns, but now just the two for home, and 2nd ammendment defence. Just went from a red dot to a il 3X12 Barska for my mini 14 nra. What a job to get it on and working. Had to get a UltiMAK forward optic mount that is lower than the hand guard, but it was well worth it. My career soldier friend zeroed it and found it to be well under moa. He has a colt AR and said mine shoots as good or better. The new Mini's shoot much better with the new 16" barrel. Nice to save a lot of money and still have a superb weapon.
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A group for firearms owners and enthusiasts in New Jersey. Despite being a traditionally anti-gun state, more and more people in New Jersey are coming to realize that firearms are not inherently 'evil' and that they have their place in civilized society.
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08:00 PM
any owners of mosin-nagants
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12:38 PM
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04:03 PM
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06:48 PM
every thing about everyone's favorite .22
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10:20 AM
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