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Your HONEST Beliefs of Morality

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Just thinking of the first post about my beliefs.
I live on a series of rules esp. when meeting new people or entering unknown buildings
1.) keep my back to the wall
2.) keep near a quick exit and make a plan to get out quick
3.) plan to take out everyone in the room
(99.9% if the time it may not be necessery but the .1% I don't plan will be the time)

I know it sounds a little drastic but I'm still alive. The beliefe that has become my motto for my life is trust no one any is capible of hurting me. I will survive even if that means I do it by myself.
"ever man out here has a timer, no one know how long it will take but no one last forever"
Sargent Miller

"cake or death! I'll have the cake then... SORRY WHERE OUT OF CAKE!... so it's or death? I'll have the chicken then please." Eddy Izzard

"so a suppose your going to kill me now? no he is I'm just here to watch"

"you know why guns are better then a woman?... you can put a silencer on a gun."
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The right thing to do is the ONLY thing to do, legal ramifications be damned. A quick glance will show you what commie state I live in, so being armed is not in the equation for me. But if I see someone who needs help, I help, PERIOD. I try to live my life being a man who makes his father proud to say, "That's MY son"!

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. Thomas Jefferson
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one thing I do not like is when someone takes advantage or bothers with a person who is less than them. I have always stood up for them people.
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Originally Posted by Boggy5 View Post
therewolf, did you have a bad experience with a cop? You act like they are out there to condemn citizens looking out for eachother. Most would pat you on the back in the situations described on this forum.
Where I come from, the police ARE a bad experience. They're not interested in

assistance, intervention, pre-emptive action, or "honorable private citizens

who are just trying to do the right thing" . They will rudely sweep you, and

tell you to butt out.

And all Joe Taxpayer is to them is a fresh can of money. Laws are their can-

opener. Kindly allow me to apologize that that's simply the way it is.
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I just noticed you were in Florida and remember having a very bad experience with a cop down there. We have one or two stiff-dick cops up here in the Heartland, but not very many. I'd still rather take my lumps from the cops than live with a guilty conscience.
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Originally Posted by parinoid54 View Post
I have interveined between a "man" who was abusing a woman, be it verbally or phyiscally, often to my being beaten down, but with no regrets. I have no hesitation "getting involved" in an apparent violent situation for the benefit of the weak. Decades ago, while camping in a state park and late at night, a woman began screeming. I got up, dressed, and armed myself while my wife yelled at me not to go; to stay in our tent; to ignore her screams. I couldn't. By the time I ran down the trail, it was over with other men having interceded. There was no peace in my home for days.

I guess this is a morality question. If you carry a firearm for defense, are you willing to use it in defense of others, of complete strangers, or only yourself?

I have in the past without a firearm, I certainly would with one.

If you're not representing Jesus in a way that makes people want to hang out with you, you're doing it wrong.
Those who refuse to participate in politics shall be governed by their inferiors. -Plato
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