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Old 12-09-2010, 09:43 PM   #341
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From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Thursday 9DEC2010 2 p.m. EST


Reid Plans Vote On House-Passed DREAM Amnesty Next Week
As He Hopes To Use Time To Gain More Votes


All of you who watched our live web-streaming this morning during the Senate proceedings know that it was a complex and confusing mess. But here is where we are in several nutshells:
  • Our NumbersUSA Hill Team was convinced that we had enough votes to kill the DREAM amnesty if there had been a vote at 11 a.m. as promised.
  • Reid obviously knew pretty much what we knew. He didn't want to accept that his amnesty dream was lost and moved to buy another week of time, showing that one of his top priorities continues to be adding millions more foreign-born workers with work permits to compete with unemployed Americans.

He moved to table the Senate's DREAM amnesty bill.
  • A motion to table only required a majority vote. It passed 59-40.

It is very difficult to read into what each individual YES and NO vote meant. Each Senator seemed to have different ideas in mind. We had several strong anti-amnesty Senators voting with Reid to table and some strong pro-amnesty Senators voting against tabling.
  • The result, however, is that we were not able to kill the DREAM amnesty once and for all today.

The pro-amnesty side is crowing that it has another week to change the minds of some Senators to pass this next week.

If Congress can't come to an agreement on the tax issue by the end of next week, passage of the amnsty will be pretty much impossible.

But if there IS a tax agreement, the pro-amnesty people are hoping to peel off a number of Senators who now are saying they plan to vote NO.

ACTION: We need you to continue to come back to your customized Action Board every day to take action until Congress adjourns or deals with the amnesty.

For today, every single Senator needs to hear from you again to help guard against listening to bargaining offers. So, call your two Senators again. Consult your Phone Action Notes on the Action Board for talking points.


Also, send new faxes we've posted there for key Senators.

Then, tomorrow, we will switch you back to target lists.

Remember that it has been the grassroots mobilization over the last 10 years, and especially this year, that has stalled the amnesty push to this point.

Just a little more effort, and we will have beaten this thing.

I sent my faxes today. Did YOU? - cane

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- orangello
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Done, done, done and done! Sadly I don't believe my reps will appeal to reason but I'll keep on fighting.
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I'm in. I have a 100% record of getting my letters in the newspapers when someone spouts something stupid and gets my ire up. My wife also has a Master's degree in English and is the best proofreader I know.

Sic semper tyrannis! Correctly translated in English as "Thus always to tyrants". Jefferson would be rolling in his grave if he knew what was being perpetrated in the people's house today.
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I can write a college paper that scores an A plus in philosophy so I think writing a letter to our government would be just as easy, I will have to use language dumb asses would understand though. IM IN

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Originally Posted by Ineffable View Post
I'm in, but as I said, my personal style tends to put people off, so I'll pass along what gets approved here. That being said, whoever does this better know how to write and have correct grammar because I am a Nazi on that Sh1t. No pressure.
I can relate to the contention that I manage to put people off. My primary problem is that I tend to spend a lot of time and resources doing research. Documents change or are deleted. This has the tendency to prevent me from backing up every aspect of that research. In the end equation,it doesn't matter who agrees or disagrees with my findings, or the findings of others. It all boils down to the facts of any given situation speaking for themselves.

I have a serious problem extending patience and accord to those types who are too lazy to undertake their own research program and adhere to a position based upon simple conjecture. The "Prove it" card is an old and moot point. I mean, think about it. The old adage, "If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, walks like a duck...then it must be a duck", holds true in any political venue. Disregarding those facts, or even simply discarding them out of hand based simply upon something akin to laziness and slothfulness is inexcusable.

If you choose not to agree and demand forthright proof because a situation doesn't agree with your own desires, then be prepared to offer substantial proof in regards to your standpoint. I have spent a large portion of my life attempting to pound home the blatant and clear cut facts of our political situation to no avail. You simply cannot reason with stupidity. Nor can you change the mind of a foolish individual who suffers from 'Head In Cement Syndrome'.

I have compiled a mental picture of a progressive movement unfolding before our very eyes.The progress is slow, to say the least, yet it does exhibit a stolid and unerring forward motion. My pet-peve sits at the feet of those who adhere to the dangerous philosophy of "It can't happen here, not in the United States". To which I reply, in light of the facts standing solid,upon what do you base your view point? Historical reference? Hardly, for history will show you that the aspects of the situation we find ourselves embroiled in are leading to something very different from that which you attempt to portray. In fact,adhering to that sort of program will soon find you treading very dangerous waters indeed.

I am tired. Worn down from a life-long battle to pass along hard earned knowledge to an unwilling crowd. People are starting to 'Wake Up',as the new adage goes. The problem is, what are they waking up to? More importantly, what stage are they in at the inception of this Awakening? The Enemy has advanced their program way beyond the concepts associated with entry level approaches in dealing with them from our position. The cause and effect has moved to advanced levels. Thinking that you can rise up out of a deep sleep and respond to a highly advanced initiative with those aforementioned entry-level techniques and ideologies, is a sure fire way of getting your butt seriously kicked and handed to you.

The point is, you have to catch up quickly and determine a solid approach. Doing otherwise is like fielding a Boy Scout Troop against a Platoon of battle hardened Rangers.

I would be glad to join. Even though I am all but worn smooth out. I will contribute what I can. I'm a poor boy from the woods. I make ends meet, with some left over to pursue a out of control gun habit.

I will NOT argue moot points that simple facts can convey adequate positive proof of. In fact,I will not argue at all, period. I will offer what I have when I have it. I will provide evidence when available. Otherwise, do or make what you will of what I offer. Agree or disagree, I don't really care one way or the other. I say these things not out of a sense of obligation to prove any point, but to simply establish my stance on the issues at hand.
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Sorry for the late reply. I have been in bed with the flu but am back in the saddle so to speak. I'd love to help where I can. My writing skills are far from the best but would love to help in any way that I can. I am already a thorn on the lawmakers side around there to begin with but I can't see where it could put any bigger a target on my back to add more.

I have to say that the responses I've seen to date are a little meager considering where we are on the web but every time we can remind our lawmakers that they are supposed to be representing us not telling us what to do is a good thing. I haven't had a chance to look over all the submissions to date but I will and be watching for more. I'll try to contribute as best I can.
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson
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