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Are you familiar with the GFSZA ? = 5 years in Federal Prison

View Poll Results: Why aren't YOU getting involved to fight this?
I don't have time. 2 12.50%
I don't care. 2 12.50%
I'm a casual drug user. Gotta stay low key. 1 6.25%
One person can't make a difference. Why bother. 1 6.25%
I'm American. I expect tomone else to fight my fights for me. 0 0%
I'm the exception. I wrote my legislator or took other action. 10 62.50%
Voters: 16. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by AIKIJUTSU View Post
Because only rich, priviledged people for the most part have the money and the connections necessary to be able to run a campaign. At voting time, we end up trying to guess which is the lesser of the evils - the guy who will get our jobs outsourced to China, but will let us keep our guns vs the guy who will let us keep our jobs but take away our guns and other things guaranteed by the Constitution, like privacy and freedom of speech.
that is the way the intellectual elite wants it. its no coincidence that the vast majority of independent wealthy politicians are rich liberal democrats supported by the media... it cost a lot of money to get the message out through the media outlets
"Gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound." — L. Neil Smith

The problem with being stupid is you cannot simply decide to stop doing dumb things...

"I crapped my pants to avoid the draft!!" -Ted Nugent
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I see what you are saying, but let's examine all of those who tired to overturn the law since it was tweaked in 1995 under Clinton.

In April 1998, Danks shot at a car, which was parked within 1,000 feet of an elementary school.
On November 3, 1997, the Atmore, Alabama Police Department arrested Tait after he allegedly placed a fully-loaded gun against a student's neck while on Escambia County High School property.
Ira Haywood appeals his convictions for robbery under Virgin Islands law and for several federal charges arising out of that rbbery.
On January 4, 2002, shortly after noon, a citizen driving his vehicle in Nashville, Tennessee noticed another vehicle stopped near the median, forcing others to maneuver around it. The vehicle was in front of the Sherith Israel Congregation, a Jewish synagogue that contained a preschool. Finding the situation “strange,” the citizen looked more closely and observed what appeared to be a M-16 rifle pointed out of the driver-side window. Smith, the man holding the rifle, saw the citizen looking at him and began trailing him. The citizen noticed that Smith was following him and did a U-turn. The citizen spotted a uniformed Metro Nashville Police Department (“MNPD”) officer across the street. Smith abandoned chase and turned left. The citizen wrote down Smith’s license plate number, went across the street, and reported the incident to the police officer.
When Smith pulled into his apartment complex parking lot, he found police officers already waiting for him. Smith ignored their attempts to stop him, instead leading them on a car chase. During the chase, Smith intermittently held a gun to his head and drove into oncoming traffic... Smith then exited the interstate, pulled into a parking lot, and surrendered to police.
A search of the car turned up the following: a loaded Colt AR-15 rifle with attached scope, two AR-15 magazines with a total of forty-seven rounds of ammunition, a loaded 9mm Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol, two loaded 9mm magazines with ten rounds each, a pair of binoculars, a range finder, an ASP police-type baton, a sand bag, and a rebel flag.
Smith’s wife, Leslie Dawn Smith, consented to a search of the Smiths’ apartment, which contained the following: 10 fully functional, reassembled hand grenades; one reassembled hand grenade that lacked propellant powder; a Maadi Griffin .50 caliber rifle; a Sig Sauer P226, 9mm semi-automatic pistol; 2082 rounds of assorted ammunition; blasting caps; nine military smoke grenades; a military fuse ignitor; fifty binary explosives; four CS tear gas grenades; two smoke grenades; two phosphorus flares; body armor; a military Kevlar helmet; a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun; boxes of military blasting caps and time fuse; military training manuals; videotapes regarding bombs and explosives; and books that included The Turner Diaries; Hunter; The Testing of Negro Intelligence; Auschwitz; The Zionist Connection II; American Terrorist; Chemistry of Powder and Explosives; and Advanced Anarchist Arsenal.
Smith consented to a search of a storage unit rented in his name. Inside, police found thirteen pipe bombs; aluminum powder; four electrical blasting M4 assembly caps; demolition charge tape; electric matches; safety fuse; assorted chemicals; hobby fuse; mercury; smoke grenades; military signal flares; black powder; smokeless powder; ten bottles of nitro methane; one Light Anti-Tank Weapons Systems (LAWS) rocket tube containing three smoke grenades; topographical maps; and 10,333 rounds of assorted ammunition.
Smith also revealed to MNPD detectives that he had a separate explosives and ordnance cache buried in rural Maury County. The detectives escorted Smith to the area Smith described. There, they met agents from the former Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (“ATF”). Smith identified five separate locations where he had buried the items. A subsequent search unearthed the following: two re-manufactured hand grenades; two gym-type bags containing an estimated twenty pounds of potassium perchlorate and twenty pounds of aluminum flash powder; seven military
illumination flares; twelve military smoke grenades; fifteen commercial blasting caps; five rolls of military time fuse; a can marked “multi-purpose poring device demo”; one small package containing an unknown number of military blasting caps; eight cans of military grenade hand smoke; 960 rounds of .223 caliber ammunition; forty-four rounds of armor-piercing, 9mm ammunition; and nineteen M-16/AR-15 magazines.
Investigators also recovered from Smith’s father-in-law five long firearms belonging to Smith. A search of the ATF National Firearms Registration revealed that Smith had not registered
Nikos Delano Dorsey was convicted of possession of cocaine base with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking offense, and possession of a firearm in a school zone. (He was high and driving erratically on school property)
(This one is the questionable one): Nieves-Castaño lived in a third-floor apartment in Building 9 of the Nemesio R. Canales Housing Project in Puerto Rico. She shared the apartment with her mother, her mother's school-age child, and her own two minor sons. On August 30, 2005, a joint FBI and Puerto Rico police operation was investigating drug
activity at the housing project, and law enforcement officials obtained and executed a search warrant at Nieves-Castaño's
An officer with the Puerto Rico Police Tactical Operations Unit was posted outside the building while the warrant was being executed. He saw Nieves-Castaño slide an old black golf bag off the rear balcony of her apartment and onto the ground. Apparently she did this after the police knocked and announced their presence at her apartment door. The officer retrieved the golf bag, which contained an AK-47 rifle (fullly automatic).
Phinehas Weekes shot acquaintance Gary Mason three times after Mason, who was driving around in search of crack cocaine, hit Weekes’ car as it was parked in front of Weekes’ house.
(The next case is a bunch of dumb New Mexico kids that bring a shotgun onto school property to pick up one of their sisters. Idiot one gets into an altercation with someone threatening him with a bat. Idiot 1 and 2 struggle over the gun. Idiot 1 gets hit with birdshot.)
After an eight-day trial a jury convicted Cruz and Reyes of conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine, crack cocaine, and heroin within 1000 feet of both a school and a public housing facility.
I just don't see the law abiding CCW that is getting pinned down on trumped up charges by this law.

And I am against it. There should be no need for additional penalties for school zones. There are already laws to deal with the possesion to begin with and I agree that it has the potential to criminalize law-abiding citizens for no reason.
"Ideology deludes, inspires dishonesty, and breeds fanaticism. Facts, experience, and logic are much better at leading you to the truth."

"Despite the conviction and seeming depth of knowledge with which ideologues speak, they are intellectual weaklings--joiners--who defer to systems of belief and charismatic gurus for their ideas." -- Daniel J. Flynn

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what can i do or my parents do to fight this
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Originally Posted by beastmode986 View Post
what can i do or my parents do to fight this
Join the NRA, JFPO,GOA, SAF.

Get a weapons permit.



If all gun owners voted in unison, we would have @12MILLION

more votes than the combined votes of both major parties in the

2008 election...
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Originally Posted by galapogos
Is everyone familiar with the Gun Free School Zone Act?

You should basically know this....

If you go within 1000 feet of a school zone with a loaded gun or a gun that is not in a sealed carry case, in a state other than the one that issued your CCW, if caught you could face 5 years in Federal Prison and lose your right to own guns for LIFE.

In case you don't know, it's practically impossible to drive in any urban area and not violate this Federal law.

It effectively negates all state to state CCW reciprocity.

I would wager a bet that over half of the people here could think and come up with at least one time you violated this law and unknowingly risked a 5 year federal prison stint but simply weren't caught. Maybe more than half.
What if you live near a school?

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Originally Posted by FullautoUSA View Post
What if you live near a school?
If you live near a school and have a CCW/CWP from the state you live in you're OK.
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