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Why do you need an AR-15

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this seems to be an area where firearms owners in general and NRA members specifically have a bit of a philosophical split: semi-auto tactical (or tactical-looking?) firearms not traditionally used for hunting. those that own them or want them, don't see a difference. those that don't want them (I'm thinking of the guy that only duck-hunts, etc) are less committed to a fight - because THEIR 2nd Amendment rights aren't being threatened. I will admit, I used to ask the "why do you need a...." question, but have come to the conclusion that it isn't about this gun, that gun.....someday it could be about ALL guns. I'm not willing to give mine up, to anyone.
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Originally Posted by cottontop View Post
I have nothing against them, they are just not my cup of tea. I just love the fine walnut and blued steel of a classic bolt action sporter or of a fine falling block single shot. I own no autoloaders at all. Even my shotguns are either side by side or over and under doubles. I do have two classic pump action repeaters though; a Model 12 Winchester in 28 gauge and a Model 42 which is the .410 version.
I guess my question to you is:
Are you going to stand and fight the government here or just set on the side lines??? Your post was not clear on this.
An armed society is not always a polite society, but it is a free and safe society!
Self Defense is an absolute and natural right!
Keep your head down and your powder dry!
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Why is DHS buying 7,000 evil assault weapons for personal defense?
Since Biden thinks all you need is a shotgun, why would DHS be wanting thousands of select fire assault weapons for personal defense?

Because they are black?

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I get so tired of people (especially politicians who SHOULD know better) misrepresenting the original intent our forfathers had for enacting the 2nd amendmedment. schlors of the constitution ALL agree that it was NOT intended to guarantee citizens THE RIGHT TO HAVE ARMS FOR HUNTING, NOR SHOOTING COMPETIVELY, NOR FOR PROTECTION FROM ONE ANOTHER.

the intent was for citizens to keep and bear arms and assemble themselves together forming A WELL REGULATED MILITIA in order to protect themselves against a would be TYRANTICAL GOVERNMENT. (something our current government is trying to become)

our 2nd amendment is ALL we have that prevents that from happening. if we are oppressed into having weapons that are far inferior than those of our state, then we citizens will cease to be A FREE STATE and therefore vulnerable to WHATEVER ruling that the government declares.

being EQUAL to them is what guarantees our freedom. if so called assault rifles and high capacity magazines are banned to us citizens, then SO SHOULD THEY BE TO OUR GOVERNMENT
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Originally Posted by JimRau View Post
I guess my question to you is:
Are you going to stand and fight the government here or just set on the side lines??? Your post was not clear on this.
My opinion is every gun owner should stand up for every other gun owner and their rights. Doesnt matter if you like a certain firearm or not.
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Another aspect of the so-called assualt weapons ban they are proposing besides the 2nd amendment argument is the government wanting to take(steal) peoples personal property.
I'm just one individual from a small town just outside Nashville TN. and I personally know quite a few people who own AR type rifles. The cheapest ones i've seen before the panic buying and price increase, AKA the Obama administration, was $700+ and most AR types were $1000+ not to forget ammo and accessories which easily adds $1000+ invested. Liberals who want AR owners to turn in their rifles apparently don't care how much hard earned money owners have put into their AR's, they just want to see the government steal their property like a common theif.
Now I don't own one of those evil AR's for the fact that they are expensive and i'm not a patient gun buyer so I bought me a MAK90 back in 94. HMMM, wonder what made me want an AK type rifle back in 94? Anyway, i've bought spare mags, bought and shot 1000's and 1000's of rounds of ammo, bought a (legal)Dragonov stock to replace the wooden thumbhole stock so i've put alot of money into it besides the original $450 I paid for it, now it's on Feinsteins list as a rifle for the government to steal.
I seriously doubt Feinsteins bill is going anywhere but it would be fun to see some Senator add an amendment to the bill that would tax every registered democrat a one time $4000.oo gun buy back tax to see if they really want to take our personal property.
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This is too much read to read.

All I am going to say is I dont need to justify a need to own one. We should be scared ****less for that fact that the government wants to ban what they dont think we need. I need it for hunting, personal protection, defense against civil unrest and tyranny.

However that is no ones business but mine. And if they start banning things on a 'because you dont need that basis', things are going to go down hill very rapidly.
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My reason for owning a ar15 is the simple fact of building them is a hobby just like anything else that someone may be into.. It's also makes a great home defense weapon!! I sleep better at night knowing I have a ar15 close buy! It is also our rights as Americans to own an enjoy these types of firearms.. Can they get in the wrong hands yes they can but that doesn't make it right to ban them or take them away from good honest people who simply enjoy the art of shooting an defending ourselves from any threat that may be life threading!!! We the people need to Stand up an fight for our 2nd amendment rights!! If the government can take away or put regulations on our arms then they can take away any right that we have!!! It's a very scarily though to think about, but it can happened!! So please make your voice heard!!!!
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Originally Posted by kbd512
I know everyone else here stated that they have an AR-15 because they want one or to piss off the government, but let me state my practical reason for owning an AR-15.

There is no other rifle or carbine that I know of that I can hand to an average woman, like my wife, to give her an implement to defend her right to live as easily against one or more attackers.

The lightweight AR-15 that I have weighs a grand total of about 6.5 pounds with a weapon light, optic, and loaded 20 round magazine. I'm not aware of many other weapons that have the kinetic energy of a .44 Magnum that you can hand to a 100 pound woman and expect her to use reasonably well.

Most small women and children don't have the hand and forearm strength to easily manipulate the slide of a large caliber pistol or control the recoil of a revolver and their hands are too small to easily reach all of the controls.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule and I'm sure someone will point one out to me, but the pencil barrel AR-15 carbines are very easy to manipulate, ergonomic, and light weight.

Large caliber pistols, revolvers, and 12 gauge shotguns all require a lot more strength and skill to use than most people like to admit to. If VP Joe Biden thinks it's easier for a woman to use a double barrel 12 gauge than it is for her to use an AR-15, I think he needs to lay off whatever he's been smokin.

If it matters at all, the commonly available military ammunition for AR-15 type rifles and carbines tends to fragment or tumble upon hitting something solid and poses less of a danger to people behind a wall or the target than ammunition from a pistol, revolver, or shotgun suitable for defense. It helps that practice ammunition is pretty economical, as rifle ammunition goes, and is readily available.

Those are real reasons for having an AR-15 in your home. Your wife or teenage children are not going to be as strong as a grown man, on average, and giving them a pistol, revolver, or shotgun that requires more strength and skill to use effectively is not giving them every possible advantage over a violent criminal trying to break into your home.
I will defiantly agree with u totally!!!!
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Originally Posted by Warrior1256 View Post
Because it is my right to own one whether I choose to do so or not.
QFT. Even though I don't own one, I believe in the individual's right to choose the firearm they want to own. I may not agree with their choice, but I would fight to the death to defend their right to make that decision. Personally, I will never own an AR-15 or an AK for that matter. I have fired both on several occasions, just not a fan of either one.
Guns don't kill people. Blood loss and organ failure do.

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