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Why do you need an AR-15

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Because I don't want to waste my 7.62x54 AP ammo on critters under 100 yards and my AR is perfect for that range.
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Because I can and the government dosent want me to that's why
freedom or death
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Same reason I own a 2000 Zx12R that will run over 200mph. BECAUSE I CAN. I WANTED IT AND I BOUGHT IT. It's the American Way
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whats funny is the whole time i was in the army i used my m16A1 on full auto once. i used my m16a2 on burst 4 or 5 times. everything else i used semiauto.

i used full auto on my m60 and quicly developed the ability to control the trigger so it would shoot semi-auto...

i liked having the option but it was more a waste of ammo unless i was conducting suppressive fire.

i still think we should have full auto firearms. i just think they are fun but not terribly useful overall.

anyway the reason we should have ar15's is because we should be armed with the exact same type and style of firearm government troops are issued. thats the purpose of the second ammendment. its the check and balance on the power of the federal government in the exact same manner the three branches of government are supposed to balance each other.

when the first ammendment fails to keep a check on the 3 branches of gvernment colluding with each other, the second ammendment is there to reset that balance of power. we need the ar15 and its kin to ensure that the government does not become our overlords and ensure that we do not ever have a king or dictator again.
"Gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound." L. Neil Smith

The problem with being stupid is you cannot simply decide to stop doing dumb things...

"I crapped my pants to avoid the draft!!" -Ted Nugent
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Simple... for the same reason I need a 20 to 30 rounder... Because there is at least one thug out there with one and I want a level playing field. Oh yeah... and that thug might also be wearing a badge.

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The anti gun groups bitch and moan about the NRA and how it manipulates yet cigarettes kill more kids then any weapon on the face of this earth why is no one banning or confiscating cigarettes? Is the tobacco lobby that strong or do too many politicians still smoke. If saving children is the goal cigarettes should not exist. People can be trained to safely handle firearms people can't be taught to smoke safely. People get to chose to smoke or not this is no a constitutional right but legal gun ownership is.

This whole issue is nothing but an unconstitutional gun grab plain and simple.
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Angry 1776 Black Powder Muskets were Assault Rifles

Assault is he human side of violence.

Any time any firearm, knife, hammer, fork, or ink pen is used to Assault someone, that tool becomes an Assault Tool.

Tools not involved in Assaulting someone is just a tool.

Yes, the 1776 Black Powder Muskets were truly Assault Rifles because they Assaulted the British Troops all the way back to England.

In 1776, civilians and military had the same type of rifles yet the Second Amendment was established anyway.

Today, our 'Pop Guns' pale in comparison to what the military has. How do you compare an AR-15 to an M1 Abrams Tank? How do you compare an AR-10 to a MiniGun?

There is no comparison - so what is their fear?

'Obama Plan To Massacre Americans Chills Russia'

If you cast this off simply as conspiracy theory, you may be putting a Gun to your own family's head.

Are you awake yet, or are you still full of Normalcy Bias?

For a definition of Normalcy Bias check out this video:

Contact your elected officials and demand that the Jihad against the American people be stop.

If you do not understand the Jihad part? Check out the following videos:

Muslim Brotherhood & effects on Egypt & America Part 1

Muslim Brotherhood In America - the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into American government.

I've given you the information. What you do with it WILL affect your family's future.

Obama is after our guns and if our guns are confiscated, life in America will be filled with terror until 1776 can be repeated.

Did you see the movie 'Terminator'? You and I are playing the part of John Connor! How are you performing in your role for Freedom?

May God have mercy on the American people.
NRA Life Member
Texas State Rifle Association Life Member
Second Amendment Foundation Life Member
In God We (I) Trust

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If the people ever need to "back up" the military in an invasion, the AR allows us to use the same ammo, magazines, and many of the sdame spare parts that out uniformed brethren use, simplifying logistics.

And, of course, they remind us how ridiculous those old timey gas piston pumpkin rollers are.
To the world, you may be only one person. but to one person you may be the world.

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Because sometimes, the AR10 is just too big.

If the AR CAR is too big, I go M4 Commando.

If that is to big, I go Colt AR 22

If that is to small a round, and to big a gun, out comes the AR Pistol.

If that is too much firepower, but I need something with 100 rounds, I grab a Calico 9mm.

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I know everyone else here stated that they have an AR-15 because they want one or to piss off the government, but let me state my practical reason for owning an AR-15.

There is no other rifle or carbine that I know of that I can hand to an average woman, like my wife, to give her an implement to defend her right to live as easily against one or more attackers.

The lightweight AR-15 that I have weighs a grand total of about 6.5 pounds with a weapon light, optic, and loaded 20 round magazine. I'm not aware of many other weapons that have the kinetic energy of a .44 Magnum that you can hand to a 100 pound woman and expect her to use reasonably well.

Most small women and children don't have the hand and forearm strength to easily manipulate the slide of a large caliber pistol or control the recoil of a revolver and their hands are too small to easily reach all of the controls.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule and I'm sure someone will point one out to me, but the pencil barrel AR-15 carbines are very easy to manipulate, ergonomic, and light weight.

Large caliber pistols, revolvers, and 12 gauge shotguns all require a lot more strength and skill to use than most people like to admit to. If VP Joe Biden thinks it's easier for a woman to use a double barrel 12 gauge than it is for her to use an AR-15, I think he needs to lay off whatever he's been smokin.

If it matters at all, the commonly available military ammunition for AR-15 type rifles and carbines tends to fragment or tumble upon hitting something solid and poses less of a danger to people behind a wall or the target than ammunition from a pistol, revolver, or shotgun suitable for defense. It helps that practice ammunition is pretty economical, as rifle ammunition goes, and is readily available.

Those are real reasons for having an AR-15 in your home. Your wife or teenage children are not going to be as strong as a grown man, on average, and giving them a pistol, revolver, or shotgun that requires more strength and skill to use effectively is not giving them every possible advantage over a violent criminal trying to break into your home.

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