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White House Determines Gun Control Executive Action Can Be Taken!

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I can not see Congress passing anything(maybe gas). So IF Obama is serious about increasing gun control his only option would be Executive Order or Presidential Proclamation. He could easily do this. Congress of course could override anything he did but it would take a two thirds vote in both houses(to over ride a veto). Do you see that ever happening? Then there is the Supreme Court. He would have at least two years before they would act(if they did). The 1994 assault weapons ban passed and nothing was done about it. It never even came close to the Supreme Court. And there was no big protests or anything else. He could change semi-autos to the same class as full-autos or make magazines the same class as a suppressor. As long as he sent out no JBT house to house there would be no outrage. The media would praise him. Most of the Dems would kiss him. Before it ever got to the Supreme Court(if it ever did) there is a good chance he would have appointed 1 or 2 new justices.
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BHO & cronies magically determine that they can do whatever the hell they want. Because, well, "F**k you, gun owners, that's why." What's odd is that anyone is surprised by that.
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They just want us unarmed so they can take land and property like the UN and brazilian forces did this week in brazil to unarmed people and farmers. It's so very sad !!
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ha! I always likes that one.......
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Bush and more so Obama have used executive orders because congress is doing nothing. When the Iranians were cyber attacking our banking system congress couldn't pass a law to force ISP's to provide the needed security because they attached a bunch of other laws to the bill. Obama was left no choice but to issue an executive order. I remember the ISP bill because it had a magazine ban attached to it. How many other times has congress backed Obama into the same corner? We all have a right to be angry. It's easy to point the finger at Obama. But we should be keeping notes to vote out the congressional bums in 2014. One here in NC that has to go is Kay Hagan.
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BHO has not faced impeachment for past transgression and abuses of EO's because the right had an election to win and did not want to stir up the liberal protest machine.

What Republicans and Democrats need to understand is that we pose a far greater threat to civic order that the Obambies ever could.

Would welfare babies riot if there Gravy Train in Chief was impeached? Sure the would, probably burn down dozens of neighborhoods in the process...

...but that possibility is insignificant compared to the carnage of a second civil war. And make no mistake...conservative trust in the Government and any trust in the separation of powers was LOST when the SCOTUS upheld Obama Care.

No way will "serious" gun owners register and this will set the stage for the conflicts with LEO's to grow. A few dead cops is all the justification they will need for martial law.

I've seen too much "coincidence" in the last month to believe anything but the obvious threat and attempted gun grab that's coming our way. Our enemies know they loose in Congress and they loose in court so there only play is draconian violations of 2A rights...the sit back and wait for the "excuse" to act in the National Interest.

Avoiding this requires a clear message to Capitol hill.

WE WILL NOT COMPLY! If our elected Senators and Congresman fail to stop BHO...we WILL.

Congress should make no mistake...none of us want conflict BUT should congress fail to protect our liberty...we WILL defend it and we will not fail. is no easy way out for lawmakers, there's no deal to cut, no compromise to be had...stop BHO or we will all suffer for it.
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Originally Posted by alsaqr

Show me "executive order" in that statement.
Its not in the headline but is in Biden's full statement that is quoted in the article.
"The whole of the Bill (of Rights) is a declaration of the right of the people at large or considered as individuals.... It establishes some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently, no majority has a right to deprive them of." (Albert Gallatin of the New York Historical Society, October 7, 1789)

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." - George Washington
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