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When and where to shoot

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OP, it sounds like you need to crank it down a couple of notches.

This ain't Beirut. I don't recall Youngsville being a high-crime area.

Relax a little. You do realize there's a lot of de-caffienated

brands that are just as good as the real thing, right? Try Folgers.

The life you save may be your own.

I'd also be careful about how you use free advice picked up in

in any internet forum. It's probably all worth about the price

you paid for it.

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I don't recall Youngsville being a high-crime area

True , but the fact that my street is private , every one knows I have guns , and I live at the end of the street so if anything or one is down there who does not live there then they have no business being there and prob safe to assume they are up to no good . I cant count the number of plates I have written down while chasing strange cars out from down there .
A big shoot out went down on the other side of the swamp behind my house , I forget how many clips they went threw on those aks and ars before it was over but no matter how safe we all think our neighborhood is a bit of proactive paranoia is healthy in my book . Anything can happen anywhere .
Back in my younger dumber days I had reasons to be paranoid , got married settled down , calmed down , had twins and now focusing on keeping everyone safe , I like to have a firearms within a few feet of me while at the house . You never know when that dang squirrel is going come back around

As for the op I dont know how I would feel for taking a life .... I tend to lean I would feel justified , more so if they tried to harm my kids or wife . On the other hand if they get caught stealing a radio and try to run , no im not going to shoot them , an ass shot would make me feel better but holding at gun point till the leo gets there is much more appropriate .
For those of you who think I am trigger happy and just want to kill a person your wrong , You may not have also had the crimes commited against you as me and mine have either .
As much as I would love to blow the thieves head off who robbed my dying mother , his punishment is best left to the man upstairs .

One of our mechanics had a lady pull out of the subdivision next to us in front of him one morning and killed her on impact . Not his fault but he seemed non-sholan about it , more upset over his truck than anything . I asked him does it bother him any and he said no , it wasnt his fault . I cant judge until I have been in that situation . Hell I watched a man burn to death on a wreck one day , I tried my best to get him out while everyone stood around with their thumb up their ass .... That was years ago and I still remember it like it just happened . I think about it everyday .
We had a kid my age at the time put a 12ga mossberg to his mouth , NOW that is somthing you damn sure wont forget .
Danger is real , Fear is a option

“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.
“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
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Florida used to have a crime problem.

Now, in my county alone, over 75,000 have

CCWs. We watch out for our neighbors,

the elderly, the slow and sick.

Criminals also know that fed up residents

are sick and tired of either being targets or

helpless bystanders. There is a new sense of

communal safety now, and violent crime has


Criminals have either migrated to gun-control states,

changed their way of doing crime, or become much more committed.

Crime usually involves folks who want something trying to

come by it easily, and being shot is generally less easy.

But what we have to deal with here and now is the much

rarer, more committed felon, and as someone else pointed

out, if you decide to place yourself in harm's way in these

circumstances, it's a good idea to have thought it through

very carefully beforehand.

If I had my choice; where to shoot: The gun range.

When to shoot: When the range officer green lights the target area.

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