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what did obama do?

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Originally Posted by FullautoUSA View Post

But you are not required to register them with their serial number, only you are registered as a gun owner
Manufacturer,model,serial number,caliber,barrel length,capacity and all of the licence holders info is all part of the registration with the state.
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What did Obama do?
what did obama do? - Legal and Activism
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Originally Posted by CaseyChadwell View Post
Frank, I'm glad to see your blood pressure is down some and you are finally looking at this reasonable. the best thing Americans can do, whether gun owners or not, is stand up to the men and women we pay to represent us in the state and federal levels and let them know we can put them on the unemployment line just as easily as we gave them a job. If that doesn't work and the government decides to start confiscating things, then we have a whole other bag of worms to contend with. Until that happens, support the legislators in your state and federal government that help you in your beliefs and fir god sakes, support our brothers in new York who are getting one crammed in them as we speak.
This is quite correct. All politicians know that they will never, ever have another job as good as the one they now have. Their morals and beliefs are based on which ones will allow them to keep their jobs. Therefore, so are their votes.
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Originally Posted by mountainman13

Manufacturer,model,serial number,caliber,barrel length,capacity and all of the licence holders info is all part of the registration with the state.
They send that info to the state!

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Originally Posted by locutus View Post
Don't count on it.

He can't even get his AWB passed in the democRAT controlled senate.

Harry Reid won't put it on the senate calendar because he doesn't want to have to vote on it.
To be honest, Iím not familiar with this guy or this site. I certainly donít know if itís really how it went down. Iím just posting it.

"Like me you were probably watching the presidentís gun control speech today. Was told this morning the presentation today was a revised version that was completed just last night after a bunch of back and forth between the White House and Senate leaders. Guessing that would be Harry Reid mostly. Last week the president was ready to go all in on the executive order scenario. Confiscation was going to be in play. Then the backlash came and it forced Obama to back off. He didnít want to but after Reid said it was a no go, and the NRA was preparing to go to war with the White House, the president was given a revised script and that is what we heard this morning. You could tell too. Obama stumbled over the words more than usual. He didnít have the time to prep the script like he normally does. Probably fuming he was forced to read the new version also.
This time WE WON and OBAMA LOST.
If people want to know how to go at the administration, this is how you do it. Be informed, and make your voices heard. This is an example of how the new media I have been telling you about can work against the globalists. It can be a huge weapon against them. And a big thank you to the NRA. It took on Obama and didnít back off. A big part of the plan coming from the White House was to cripple the NRA and make it a liability for 2014 and beyond. That didnít work and it will be a liability, but one that is going to hurt Democrats, not conservatives. Big time backfire for the Obama White House. I was told it ďrocked them on their heelsĒ. They fundamentally donít understand the American people and they didnít see this backlash coming. They have the media, and the glossy presentations, but they donít really understand the American people and this debate was a pure example of that being played out. I love it!
Congrats to the state governments that were willing to voice opposition too. They did that and took on a lot of risk. Heard a list is being made and federal dollars might be taken away from them. Those state leaders knew that could happen but took on the administration anyways. Thatís real leadership and courage being put on display for all of us and voters living in those states need to let those leaders know it is appreciated. You know how I feel about how important the 10th Amendment is, and today was also a big victory for the 10th Amendment against the Obama White House.
Now from here itís clear Obama wants to try and use the issue as leverage for the 2014 midterms. They are hoping they can salvage something out of what became a fiasco for them. I just donít sense enough Democrats willing to play along on this one though. Apparently the NRA and some other groups were lining up primary challengers to Democrats who went along with the presidentís gun control plans and letting those Democrats know it was coming. That scared the heck out of them. Barack Obama is entering his lame duck phase, and the Democrats know it. After 2014 he becomes a museum piece. The president knows that too and itís really ticking him off. We have to rub that in his face 24/7 while also building the conservative base back up into the kind of powerful entity it should be.
When people get involved, and make some noise, they still have the power. Use the new media, contact the lawmakers both state and federal, and talk to the people around you. That is power. That is what makes America so great and that is what happened today.
The president had his little moment, and was pretending it meant something, but he said nothing. That 21 (23) point plan or whatever it was, was hollow. It was a gutted version of what he was hoping to do as recently as a few days ago. Instead, he had to roll over and made a weak threat to Congress but that threat starts in the Senate and they already told him to shut up. Obama backed off. He lost this time, and it was all because of the American people. His media will try to spin it as something different, and if he gets another chance, the president will be right back to pushing for confiscation, but for now, we won this particular fight.
This victory is a lot bigger than youíll hear in the regular media. Itís a lot bigger than anyone who stood their ground will ever know about. The Obama White House was trying to go very big on this gun control thing, and couldnít pull it off. And Barack Obama is livid about it. Like a spoiled brat he canít believe he had to scrap the original speech for todayís version.
Today was a great day for the good guys. Of course, thereís always another fight just around the corner, so we have to be ready. Let your readers know they did a great job on this. Each of them were a part of forcing the president to back off. Letís do it again!"

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...and the dominos begin to fall!

The entire premiss of Federal Power is based upon the Citizens willingness to lay down...and on local law enforcements willingness to go along.

Experienced officers across the county are already wondering what a 70 year war on drugs has gotten them besides dead and injured colleuges, corrupt brethren, and wider availabity of narcotics than any previous time in human history.

Are they really going to fall for yet another "war" on the American people for participating in a legal activity that in no way harms others...

Do they really wish to risk their lives enforcing policies that will do no good, that promise to backfire with violent resistance from honest people...and an emboldened criminal class as well?

Good Cops would much rather spend there energy and resources making America safer, as they been doing for 2 decades now of falling crime rates and increased gun ownership.

Good Americans need to keep the message clear. Make no mistake, Cold Dead Hands IS the only other option and Cops who would support bans and confiscation need to know that we will not laydown for Obama or any of his surrogates.

Defence of liberty is always the right course of action, regardless of the uniform worn by the oppressor.


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Well said Tack.
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