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what can i expect?

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Originally Posted by jason32 View Post
I only know what i was told. when i bring it up she gets pissed, convinced she will go to jail. Before she got on probation she was in the county jail for a month. It was the first time she had been locked up. She is terrified to go back. You and I know this is bigger than her case. There is no convincing her otherwise. I suggested the whole lawyer thing, and tried to explain how this cop's actions are serious. She won't work with me on this at all. In the end I screwed up leaving the gun in an insecure enviroment, yeah it's my car but she had the keys. Sure she could have taken it out herself before she left the driveway, woulda coulda...it's my fault in the end. I know full well that all cops are not honest. If my wife were not involved believe me I would raise hell. It was a $600 pistol. My wife and I own a home, and have three kids. If I did push this issue and she got hurt over this, it would most likley be over between us. I know it sounds weak, but you dont know what i been through with her over this whole thing.

Damn Jason let it go and grow a set. Your little young wife has you by the nads and is leading you around like a pet dog. You say she is 20 and was in jail for a month and is now on probation. You say you have three kids so you must be at least in your mid 20’s and not a green youngster. I find her story very weak and frankly hard to believe and her refusal to talk about it or press the issue very suspect. I think she pawned or sold your gun and made up the story to justify the missing gun. She has you whipped and constantly stating it was your fault, bull pucky! Your problem is letting her control the situation and convincing yourself it was your fault. Cowboy up man and get the straight truth out of her and if it is a dirty cop get with Internal Affairs and take him down. Start by asking her what color uniform the officer had on, what color was the patrol car, where did the stop happen at. If she refuses to answer then she if probable lying to you.
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I think she pawned or sold your gun and made up the story to justify the missing gun.
This is exactly what happened. I live in FL and every Officer/Deputy I have met has been kind and courteous and supportive of civilian gun ownership. Personally, I don't buy her story.

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There is a problem with this due to my experience with Law Enforcement, the officer would have to call in the stop, plate number and area of stop. Once this is done there is no way he could have let her go if there were warrants, or any criminal activity.. So if he did stop her he would have had to arrest her take the weapon into holding, check local pawn stores..good luck

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Originally Posted by jason32 View Post
Before she got on probation she was in the county jail for a month.
A month for disorderly? Good thing she did not get the hangin tree...
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Originally Posted by pandamonium View Post
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During most traffic stops the cop will touch the trunklid or somewhere on the back of the stopped car with his hand. Look for prints. They do this in case they need to prove later they made the traffic stop etc.... Its part of their training.

You are an idiot for putting your wife in that situation but they had no reason to take your gun. If your wife can't tell you what exact police department it was that is BS. They took your gun and she didn't feel the need to remember or ask questions?

If it is true the officer took your gun that is BS and I would get it back, however I think your 20 year old wife did something else with it, probably because she found it in the car.
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I hate to be the negative Nancy on this one, but there is a whole host of protocol in a stop, as previously stated. Yeah not all LEO are good, but I would venture to say most are, not to mention they won't extort someone for a firearm, they have them. It's not like the officer would have a hard time finding a Beretta, or paying for one. I think you have a deeper issue. Could she ID the officer? Tell you the spot in the road where she was stopped? Provide a reason for being pulled over? Time of day? Position of the sun? Anything? I mean being on probation and possessing a firearm, in my state at least, is a major issue.
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I strongly concur with the rest. She's hiding something and lying to you for some reason.

Previous incarceration did not detour her behavior.

She wants to act like a child, then treat her like one.

She's still young enough...turn her over your damn knee and spank her!

Spank her hard!!


what can i expect? - Legal and Activism



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I would have to agree with Dzscubie and the rest on this one.

*more often then not when someone dont want to talk about it, they have something to hide.

*furthermore, if you're together with someone, even just as friends, you should have as much conviction for their personal property as you do for your own.

the truth is...you will know more, or for sure, when your next item goes missing with another wierd story or explanation.
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I'm thinking wife has done something with this weapon. If she did pawn it or sell it to some shop. If so there is a paper trail that will come right back to her. I can't remember if you gave a serial number in your report. If you did and she has dome something with it she'll have a lot more than 30 days to worry about. Something along these lines could be a reason she is so adamant about dropping it. But this weapon will turn up somewhere at some time and the paper trail leads right back to her. That's swinging for the fences so to speak being it's a lot more than a misdemeanor.

This seems to really be bothering the OP. So wife or no wife you need to press this. Because that weapon will show up again and depending how she unloaded it there will be some type of paper trail. And that trail will end with her. So of she did something with this weapon you need to put on your grown up pants and explain that stealing a firearm and selling it off can be charged as a felony.And 30 days in a county lockup will look like a vacation compared to what kind of time those charges bring with them.

But maybe I"m way off. But somewhere there's a good chunk of this story that is missing. And there has to be a reason for that. Someone has dirt on their hands here. Rather a dirty cop or a dirty spouse. And with all the logging of info on traffic stops it be way too easy for the LEO to swing if her story is true. It was me I'm going to want to push this until the whole truth come out. One way or another. And it's simple for me to figure out where the lie is. Who has the most at stake with an untrue story. Omission is just like a lie. And no o ne lies unles they know the truth will put them in a bad way. That is unless the fabricator is just some kind of habitual liar.

My main question now is did you give LEO a serial number in your theft report?
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I agree. Something doesn't seem right with her story. Hope you find out what really happened. Don't just sweep this under the rug. Your firearm was "taken" or at least missing and she needs to give you details ASAP.
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