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WARNING! A False Flag Group Launches Today

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Originally Posted by texaswoodworker View Post
You won't tolerate their political stands because they won't endorse someone that is antigun like Obama. If a 100% PRO GUN democrat ran for office, you might see a little support from the NRA.

What exactly is "common sense" or "sane" gun ownership? Background checks? They don't work. Criminals will always find a way around them.

Assault weapon ban? Semi auto rifles are used in a VERY small amount of crimes. You are MUCH more likely to be beaten to death with someone's bare hands than you are being shot by a rifle of any kind. Plus, it's been proven that they don't work. The crime rate didn't go down during the last assault weapons ban, the Newtown shooting happened under an assault weapons ban, and the recent shooting in California happened under an assault weapons ban.

Ban high capacity magazines? I know for a fact that 30 round magazines don't have any true advantages over 10 rounder's. It takes about a second or two to change mags. What's the difference between one 30 rd mag, and three 10 round mags in a shooting? A couple seconds is nowhere near enough time for someone to react and tackle the shooter (a popular argument used by antigunners).

Gun free zones? The fact is, they don't work. The vast majority of shootings happen in gun free zones where people do not have the ability to defend themselves.

Gun registration? They ALWAYS lead to confiscation. Do you really want that?

So I ask you, what is "sane" gun ownership? What are "common sense" gun laws? All I see here are violations of the 2nd Amendment.
The NRA may not currently publicly endorse him, but they still finance Harry Reid's campaigns - that is why I don't endorse them.

All firearms laws going back to the NFA (maybe even earlier) are violations of the 2nd Amendment. However, I do feel that if a state wants to keep violent felons from being able to own/possess a firearm, then that's their right.
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The Apocalypse Is Coming.....
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any organization that doesn't understand, "Shall Not Be Infringed" is not pro-gun or pro-2nd amendment. the NRA understands this and always has.

have any of the bans, restrictions, or gun control laws yet, prevented violent attacks on innocent people? not hardly! have they prevented any type of criminal acts? i doubt it. have they yet kept guns out of the hands of criminals or seriously mentally disturbed individuals? ummm, no.

so an organization that wants more restrictions, that further hinders LAC's wants us to believe it's in our best interests? hmmmmmm.......sounds pretty liberal to me. another backdoor method of subversive tactics to divide us and put us at odds with one another.

no thank you, i'm not interested. IMO, the 2nd amendment works just fine for me.

my final words are this, you either support the 2nd admendment in it's entirety, or you don't. IMO, with regards to the 2nd amendment, it's all or nothing, as there is no compromise or middle ground.
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Originally Posted by rn-cindy View Post
The thing is....Even if you do think things like expanded background checks, or a waiting period might be good, They would just be considered stepping stones to the gun grabbers. If you give in on one of those things,, do you think Brady, Bloomturd, etc are going to pack up, and go, they are going to say...whats next....until they reach their confiscation......
This is what I have said for years, if you give in to the antis on anything they immediately come back for more. However if you fight them tooth and nail even if they win they back off for awhile to regroup and resupply. This new group seems fishy to me. Besides, I feel very well represented by the NRA, CCRKBA and LEAA.
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I am not always aligned with everything the NRA, GOA, CRPA or any other pro-gun group that I support, but at least I know exactly where they stand and what they stand for. I am willing to support them.

This group seems to me to be a little less transparent. Or should I say their stance on the Second Amendment is not crystal clear. I have not seen anything that tells with absolute clarity exactly what they are trying to achieve. I am all for safety. I preach it every day. They say they are too, but they are using language that is not unambiguous. They are using known anti-gun buzzwords that have historically proven to be the words of gun banners. Some of their statements say to me that they are in favor of some serious infringements on our freedom.

I will not be supporting this venture.
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Tom Gresham took a shot at these guys yesterday also.

Gresham's contention is that they always show up with these groups about one year before an election. We are about 16 months before a very important mid term election.
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Anybody remember obama's campaign add with the supposed life member of the NRA endorsing him? Just more of the same BS. Anyone who compromises with liberals is a damned fool.
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