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Veterans medical evaluation

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I got home in Sept 1971 and I will tell you I probably needed help but did not know it at the time.

It was probably the mid 1970s before I was able to keep calm in times of stress. Several people paid dearly for crossing me especially during the first year!

In the late seventies I received 2 accommodations form the local Sheriff's Dept for defusing tense situations!

I think my recovery came from teaching teenagers Sunday school classes, as I taught ( I had done this while state side at Camp Lejune as well ) the Bible as it had been taught to me I had to delve into it more to be prepared for the questions of the class and my mind slowly came around.

In hind site it was only the grace of God that kept me from doing great harm to some of the a$$holes that would call me a “Baby Killer” and some of the other things that happened in the 70s

For probably the first two years I was hiding my thoughts and was acting like a better person than I was, slowly I changed into the good person I had been pretending to be!

If you are having problems I would say get help but you might be like I was and not know you need help - - - It’s a shame people have to go thru some of the things that solders do!
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One of my neighbors is a Viet Nam vet (2 tours with the Marines). He still goes off on occasion. He lives farther out in the boonies than I do, I have found him walking down the road naked carrying a rifle. He would do this from time to time. In 'Nam his unit was hit by a mortor and the rest of the unit was blown to pieces all over him. He would strip his clothes off trying to remove his buddies' remains and blood off of him. It is really spooky when it happens. I have given him a ride home when I find him like that. He still has "flashbacks" (that was what they called it back then) to this day. He just deals with it by living with it. Sometimes he talks to me about it but always holds back. He could use some counseling with other Veterans but just won't do it.

Another neighbor is an Iraq war vet. He is pretty bad. I told him once that the VA has counseling groups that can help with it (a friend of mine who served in Somalia spends at least a day every month counseling other vets and gets good relief himself from doing it) but I don't know if he has availed himself of that resource.

Anyhow, I am only a civilian, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I highly recommend getting some counseling if you think you might need it and for those of you who don't need it it would probably help out a lot of other vets out there if you volunteered to do some of the counseling sessions for returning vets.

Thank you all for your service, and God bless you all.
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Having left the VA 11 months ago I can tell you it is PTSD and anything else you say that will be used to take your guns away soon. They are working really hard to get every vet to admit to PTSD and get their 10 percent VA disablity or better. Sell your soul for 10 or 15 percent? The top domestic terrorist threat our government see's is active duty military and the second is Veterans. The less Vet's with a gun the safer the ruling class feels.
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In hindsight PTSD would probably have been what I was suffering from - - - in the early to mid 1970s I don't know what they called it - - - I got three days of "debriefing" to teach me that civilians were brain dead and not to pop their heads off.

I now strongly believe that any one returning to civilian life should be evaluated in stressful conditions for about 30 days and helped ( I did not say treated ) as needed.

I feel it would have been much better for my family and those I cane into contact with the first year. I feel I came around and thank God everyday that I was able to but it could have gone the other way very easily!

If we can under go 13 weeks of basic training followed by 4 weeks of advanced warfare training, jungle warfare training, and MOS training to make us into the fighting force needed. More than 3 days is needed to return us to civilian life.

I bought a guard dog from the Army ( had served 6 years ) and she was a great guard dog but I wanted to breed her and she had to be able to be trusted around my grandkids. It took me about 2 months until she was the sweetest dog you ever saw! I know we are supposed to be smarter than dogs but training still kicks in during times of stress!
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Originally Posted by gwk4667 View Post
With some of the medical issues I'm starting to have I'm now seeing a Veterans doctor at least every 6 months.

All of the staff is great - - - could not get better treatment any where!

One thing I was told by the staff is they are required to ask "have you ever thought of killing or injuring yourself or anyone else"?

If you go in and are asked that question do not say yes!

If you say yes the staff must place it in your record and you will be classified as mentally incompetent and you will have all firearms removed for life! This cannot be reversed as of now.

I feel this is stupid as we were taught to kill and injure as our training. Plus at some time I'm sure if you are honest you might have wanted to injure someone!

So I guess they are now telling us we have to lie because we have served! Civilians do not have this issue ( yet)
Yeah it takes a little more than that but you can run into problems with it, but it also allows for compensation for the veteran in a lot of cases. I would just like to get my compensation. Almost a year later and I'm still waiting.
"Regardless of whether justified of not, you will feel sad about killing another human being. It is better to be sad than to be room temperature." - Joe B Fricks.

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Default A lot of history involved

Most things that affect people are unknown at some time, except to those affected. PTSD has been known as shell shock early in our history, also combat fatigue, war nerves and seeing the elephant. A rose by any other name, so to speak. A syndrome is when the medical folks can't pin it down. A disorder is a known condition, that can be dealt with but, if not kept in check can cause a person untold trouble. People that survive natural disasters and personal tragedies, including combat can suffer from PTSD too. How can anybody who witnesses those kinds of devastation NOT be changed? I have been asked by all flavors of medical folks about the harming me or others thing for a long time. The Doc still asks me that on a regular. Just like ya'll have said, I urge anybody who has a idea that they don't think like everybody else or feels alone in a roomful of people, to seek out help. Besides numbing the feelings that is. Look up an old buddy, or find a new one at the VA, or talk to someone who cares. I pray for these things daily.
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