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seanch 10-20-2011 06:11 PM

I dont get it, u can have ur cwp but if your a truck driver you cant carry a gun with you. I think all truck drivers should b able to carry. Some1 please help me understand y truckers cant carry. Thanks

ttolhurst 10-20-2011 06:15 PM

Who says they can't?

BenLuby 10-20-2011 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by ttolhurst (Post 606077)
Who says they can't?

Depends on a few things. Are you traveling through states that have reciprocity? Do they have laws against carrying in vehicles? Are you in your own truck or are you in a company owned vehicle, whereas the company has a rule against this?
This is one question without a cut and dry cookie cutter answer.
For example, a trucker going through southern states that have reciprocity, in his own rig, would really have no problem, since his permit is honored in all the states he travels through.
Otherwise, you hit a state line in a state without reciprocity and one that bans carrying firearms in your vehicle, and suddenly your in violation of the law.

canebrake 10-20-2011 08:01 PM

Are you an owner/operator?

trip286 10-20-2011 08:06 PM

I'm pretty sure that if you are an owner operator, and traveling in states with reciprocity, your probably good.

The issues lies, as BenLuby said, in non reciprocating states, and company policies.

Unless there are states that specifically single out big rigs.

c3shooter 10-20-2011 09:04 PM

Only motor carrier regs that address firearms are when transporting certain ahzardous cargo (explosives comes to mind), and entering certain secure facilities (ports, prisons) and high hazard locations (gasoline refineries) .

A firearm that is unloaded, and in a locked container meets the standards in the Peaceable Journey Act- so long as legal to possess at start and final destination.

Companies may have other rules. Their truck, their rules.

orangello 10-20-2011 09:30 PM

Most of the drivers i have known seemed to go with the whole "better judged by 12 than carried by six" theory in regards to laws against carrying in the cab. If you are an independent, it is my understanding that you can find a way to carry legally in MOST situations but not all.

Let your conscience be your guide; if you feel you may be conscience impaired, keep an attorney's card handy.

stickhauler 10-22-2011 01:53 AM

There is no Federal law or DOT regulation against a trucker carrying in their truck. There are rules set by trucking companies that forbid their company drivers from carrying. If allowed to carry in the truck by your particular company, even if your permit isn't honored in the states you operate in, simply unload it, and secure it in a locked box somewhere it isn't accessible by the driver while the truck is in motion.

I've seen very few times where law enforcement even considers searching the interior of the truck cab if you're driving a truck licensed in the US, about the only way that would happen is if they had probable cause to believe you were smuggling something.

Now for those like me, who crosses the border on a regular basis, carrying in the truck just ain't gonna be an option. I do carry when I know I'm operating in the US, but if I'm going North from home, I leave it home, as I'm likely to end up crossing the border at some point on the run.

Txhillbilly 10-27-2011 01:39 AM

With the Fed Regs,the only things that are not allowed in a truck (the tractor) are Alchohol and Drugs.

Now most companies will fire you if you are caught carrying a weapon,but there isn't any Federal Law that prohibits it.

I always carried when I drove over the road,never an issue,but my lawyer was always on speed dial. Just in case.

stickhauler 10-28-2011 05:08 PM

I actually had an Ohio State Trooper ask me if I was carrying earlier this year. I jack-knifed when a gust of wind hit the trailer and got me sliding, and was unable to recover before going off the road. While sitting in the cruiser when he was doing the report, he ran my license, and saw I had a CCW from Ohio. I'd been sitting in his cruiser for about an hour, and when I told him no, it wasn't like it was a big deal.

I've been stopped by the PUCO at scales many times to inspect the truck, and informed them I was a CCW holder and carrying, their reaction was more or less "ho-hum", no big deal. Been stopped in states that recognize Ohio permits as well and they didn't care about my carrying.

And as long as the alcohol is sealed, most states won't mess with you. I've bought liquor at the "duty free" coming back into the states and got pulled for inspections, they didn't bother with me about it. Drugs, yep, they're gonna "stuff and cuff" you right quick. Even prescription drugs unless they're in containers with your name on the prescription. I've been pulled at the border for inspection, they have me on pain pills with codeine, but they're in the containers I got the prescription in, no hassle.

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