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StainlessSteel215 03-07-2013 03:37 PM

Today's senate committee hearing on gun control legislation
I have faith that the bills on the table today will not pass.....and some of the GOOD amendments will. I do support the bill that states you must go through an FFL for any gun transfer. That one seemed to garner almost full support from all Senators. Im a strong supporter of that bill, and if a couple of the bills have to pass I hope thats one of the only ones.

I watched Feinstein speak and as usual she's 100% behind her proposals and unwilling to amend any of them. This is not news. But today she seemed to place EXTRA significance on military style features on rifles as being "not cosmetic, but dangerous and effective at killing humans". And of course magazine capacity.....and how the Tuscon Arizona tragic shooting of Gabby Giffords was averted because the shooter had to pause and reload a new magazine. She's fixated on those 2 major issues. She was met with opposition from Sen Lindsay Graham of SC and 2 Texas Senators who's names I didnt catch. They spoke intelligently and with conviction. It seems that those senators on the fence finally understand that these bills could have DRASTIC effects on our Constitution.

Amendment 13115 proposed by Sen xxxxxx lifts any ban on former military and LEO from owning assault weapons. Feinstein had a problem with it of course.....with "the advent of PTSD" and is trying to keep them OUT of their hands as a result of duty stress.

Have faith guys, these bills need to pass with full support in the Senate to gain any traction, because they will almost certainly get struck down in the House. So far, its 50/50 in the Senate.

Stay tuned

onenut58 03-07-2013 03:57 PM

So you are behind doing away with face to face gun deals? Like your dad leaving you a gun and now you will have to go down and register it with the atf so its on a list they can use to come take it away from you later on?If you have a few guns you want to sell and go rent a table at the gun show ,you want to see this done away with ?
Why would you come into a gun forum and promote gun control?
I sincerely hope if these laws are put in and just another chip in the iceburg that when they do come looking for registered guns that you lose every single gun you own.
There are NO "GOOD" bills from the gun control nuts.

CaseyChadwell 03-07-2013 04:48 PM

The government has no need and damn sure has no right to know what I own when I have a right to own it. The first step in confiscation is's a historical fact. If they want to know what I own, they can try and take them from me, then and only then will they have any idea of the firearms and amount of ammunition that I own.

If we give into registration, you might as well tell your grandkids "one day the rifle you learn to shoot with will be melted down into scrap metal, long before you have a chance to own it." We can't give in no matter what the "control" is. We have to keep voicing our concerns for what is right by the constitution.

CaseyChadwell 03-07-2013 05:04 PM

The problem with "guns that kill people" isn't the gun. Its the warning signs that society has ignored. Just this past week a man in neighbouring Indiana (Clarksville Indiana) was arrested for killing and raping a 17 year old girl. This murderer was scum of the earth and was being investigated by Louisville metro police dept. For sex crimes at the time of the murder.

Another man in Louisville killed his roommate recently. This man has been tried and convicted of murder two other times since 1986 and has been released after both times. When you let a murderer out of prison once and he kills again, why in the hell would you allow him the opportunity to murder another person the second time? In any of the cases background checks wouldn't have helped save a life. Law enforcement at all levels could have stopped it by doing their jobs a bit faster and a bit better. The errors of their ways should never be repeated again...but I'm sure they willl. Some people just can't take a hint...some people think even the most evil men can change, even when they get proven wrong time and time again.

StainlessSteel215 03-07-2013 05:23 PM

No, dont attempt to paint me with that pro-gun control brush dude. Not happening, nice try.

Yes I am 110% behind official FFL gun transactions and you are an idiot of you think the ATF has ANYTHING to do with a simple gun transfer. Thats your 8th grade conspiracy theory mind at work. Your FFL runs a mandatory state police background check on the transferee and thats it. Done. Oh, that is somehow a huge burden in your life? is done this way to stop illegals from handling guns that they have no right to. Suck it up pal.

Some of you proved you cannot read at an adult level because NOWHERE in my post did I mention registration. FFL transfer has nothing to do with that. Nothing.

This would close loopholes at places like gun shows where people who get turned down in their home state simply attend gun shows in the next state over, and can walk out with any type of firearm they want. Thats reckless, irresponsible and can be VERY dangerous. I say the blood is on YOUR hands if you put profit before principals and sell guns privately to any good old boy that YOU deem to be responsible....and he goes on to kill

Not everyone is your cousin/brother/uncle who has good intentions buddy. Dont be naive. Im as big a 2A supporter as ANYONE but right now there are 1 or 2 things that could be improved upon.

sc00ts 03-07-2013 05:41 PM

How do you prove that you went through a background check when asked? Are you going to have the bill of sale in your pocket with your hunting license, in your car, in your wallet with you CCP? I'm sorry but you are extremely naive when it comes to the MO of progressives. They work in small increments. They tell us now there will be no registry, but when it proves I unenforceable they will amend the law to include it. Then what happens? "I'm sorry sir, we need to confiscate that AR-15 for "public safety". Not on my watch.

StainlessSteel215 03-07-2013 05:45 PM

Your purchase records are on file, plus you are supposed to keep your paperwork on EVERY gun you purchase as proof. Always.

Your statement though is EXACTLY my point about selling guns to people that you dont know for a fact would pass a background check. You dont know, thats why you buy/sell/transfer using a licensed FFL

locutus 03-07-2013 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by StainlessSteel215 (Post 1167446)
Your purchase records are on file, plus you are supposed to keep your paperwork on EVERY gun you purchase as proof. Always.

Your statement though is EXACTLY my point about selling guns to people that you dont know for a fact would pass a background check. You dont know, thats why you buy/sell/transfer using a licensed FFL

You're wasting your time, SS. You can't use reason against the closed, fanatical minds that consider any disagreement, even the slightest, makes you a dirty low down no-good. anti-gun sunuvabitch..

StainlessSteel215 03-07-2013 06:26 PM

I know it Loc....and I dont know why I allow my blood pressure to spike with some people.

For Christ sake some people just cannot fathom the concept of a LEGAL gun transfer without lumping it into the registration/anti gun agenda! I would not be here posting about anti-gun laws....this is one pretty common sense and could help prevent DOZENS of illegal purchases at gun shows. Many illegals and criminals have discovered the loophole and are exploiting it every week. Get turned down in their home 2 hours west and hit up the gun show and do a private sale. Done, you just armed a criminal because you chose profit before principals. By the way this bill got full support even from pro-gun Senators....

some people are just clueless. I understand your frustration and unwillingness to give up your gun rights but this is not one of them! If you do things LEGALLY we wont have these anti-gun liberals barking up our dang tree so much!

Missouribound 03-07-2013 06:33 PM

I have no problem with any legal firearm transfer, my problem is paying for it. Padding the pockets of FFL dealers just to take a gun from me and hand it to the guy next to me is crazy. I know there are illegal guns, stolen or straw purchased, but 99.99% of guns are in the hands of law abiding citizens, whether or not they were transfered by an FFL or it bought after a background check. At gun shows, where there is an overwheming police presence I can see it implemented....but for private sales? How would that work? If I want to pass my collection on to my son, does he have to fork over $20 for each gun? Let the government get involved and it will raise the cost rather than stop any criminal activity. That is the usual result of government interference.

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