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readygirl 12-23-2012 12:08 AM

Ted Nugent
What do you guys think about him ? I enjoy reading his weekly newsletters, sometimes appreciate his in your face-no apologies defense of gun rights, and the 2nd amendment. But sometimes he comes off as a little nutso, and i wonder if he is doing us more harm than good. Whats your take on him ...?

winds-of-change 12-23-2012 12:12 AM

Personally, he kind of drives me nuts. I know he supports the 2A but not always in the best of light. I have seen members here who think he's gods gift to guns but just because he is 2A isn't the whole package. There's a lot more to Ted than that.

Sonic82 12-23-2012 12:14 AM

Draft dodger...I think he's a poor representative. Stranglehold was good.

tippittrg 12-23-2012 12:15 AM

While I am a huge fan of Ted Nugent, I do agree that he has a bit of a tendency if going over the top. Sometimes, WAY over the top. That being said, the loudest voice is the most often heard. When it comes right down to it, he is very well educated on the matters he speaks about, be it music, hunting or gun rights. I don't think he will hurt anything. What will hurt us, is those who don't speak out at all.

readygirl 12-23-2012 12:26 AM


Originally Posted by Sonic82 (Post 1062591)
Draft dodger...I think he's a poor representative. Stranglehold was good.

I have also read somewhere about him being a draft dodger, then read other articles that dispute that. Anybody know for sure.....?

HockaLouis 12-23-2012 12:33 AM

He's a great character, but character he is. As a spokesman for the 2nd Amendment who could have graduated highschool, he isn't smooth. Isn't polished. Isn't measured. But his perspective is 100%. Compare him to a Wayne La Pierre.

A talking head should be IN the news, not MAKE the news.

nitestalker 12-23-2012 12:35 AM

Would you want Ted to go to Washington to represent our cause? Think about it? Then read WOCs post on this subject.

robertb6112 12-23-2012 12:41 AM

He is a little over the top. But he does a lot for wounded veterans.

Tackleberry1 12-23-2012 12:41 AM

The left has done well using "over the top" rhetoric...TED is our answer when we need to shout them down.

Not that he is the answer, but a useful arrow in our quiver none the less.


hoovco 12-23-2012 12:49 AM

I think he makes us pro 2A people look like a bunch of goofball rednecks. He's a piss poor representative of pro 2A people.

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