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Sen. Sessions: 'One Vote Away From Banning Firearms'

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Default okay

If you see anyone in a uniform going house to house engaged in gun confiscation....think Nazi Germany. If you don't know what to do or have to think about it you are either a coward or a retard.
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The one vote Sessios is spaeking of is the one vote that separates the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the left-leaning side of the court is just that, which to me is anti-American and traitorous. Votes on the 2nd Amendment should be 9-0 instead of 5-4. How they (the left 4) can just ignore the plain wording of the Constitution, the precedent the Court has set in the decades gone by, and the explanations/interpretations of the Constitution the Founders gave us in the Federalist Papaers, is beyond unsderstanding. I do know this - our Constitution is unique in the world, and we better find a way to preserve its priceless value- one way or another.
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Default Sen. Sessions:One Vote Away from Banning Firearms

Term limits of no more than 4 years for any elected or appointed government office, including but not limited to Members of the House and Senate, Cabinet Members, Judiciary,from the lowest appointed judge to and including Members of the Supreme Court and if a Constitutional Amendment is required for these term limits to become law for a particular Member or Office, let these amendments be brought to an immediate vote.
America: Love it and protect it or leave it!
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I have been around a long while and this mess in DC has me scared. Obama will lose control of the House and possibly the Senate. I dont know by what margin. The new Reps and Senators wont take office until January which gives Obama time to pull something drastic. Midnight sessions and rules be damned.
The 2nd scenario is worse and I see it coming down within a week of the elections. If the margin is overwhelming I see the possibility of a planned incident that will give Obama the excuse to declare a National Emergency and suspend the Constitution. If it is bad enough, he could declare Martial Law. Obama and/or the people behind him are not stupid and they have invested a lot of time and money trying to bring down this country and destroy our constitution. I dont think they are affraid of playing hardball.
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My Government sneaked in horrifying laws whilst all argued it will not stick. It did and now we are fighting to keep any arms since they deem their troops in uniform of whatever kind will protect us and we do not need ito protect ourselves.
Read about our disaster regarding firearms. Beware you will follow the same route unless you stand up for your rights and fight any second amendment infringements.
God help you since no politician will.
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The US Supreme Court seldom reverses a previous Supreme Court decision. Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land since 1973. The Supreme Court has had a majority of so called "conservatives" much of the 37 years since the Court upheld Rowe v. Wade. They have not overtuned that 1973 decision.
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I for one am VERY concerned that we are at the verge of having our gun rights taken away by liberal judges (reversing their previous decision of the 5 to 4 vote) as well as through instituting the U.N. small arms treaty, which Obama and H. Clinton are intentioning. The election of 2012 will determine our fate. I do not have much faith in the people to vote the right way given the past election results that put obama in the presidency.
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I agree that it's plausible that government officials are stupid enough to try implementing a law to ban and confiscate firearms. I, however, also believe 100% that it will never be a possibility to enforce this law.

The military and LEOs would never agree to confiscating the weapons of American people. My step father (age 45) and real father (age 38) are both officers, and both would immediately quit their jobs and fight to all hell before surrendering the 2nd amendment. My step father was also a marine for 8 years, so I'm fairly certain no military personnel (save maybe a few morons) would enforce it either.

It all comes down to the fact that everybody has free will. The government only controls things that people accept. Granted they abuse the stupidity of many people to pass very BS things, they'd never convince the military or the American people that "average" guns should be taken away. As soon as they tried, the already-armed military and LEOs would rally just as much as the already-armed civilians. It's a non-argument.

And to answer the question "would you, as a vet, shoot at a soldier following those orders?": yes, yes I would. I'm not a vet, but I'm already sworn into the US Air Force; only waiting my ship date.

Fully knowing that I will have to obey all forms of orders that I do not agree with or do not want to obey, I know that I would never let myself violate the 2nd amendment rights of the American people. I'll probably be forced to violate plenty of the rights of people all over the world, but I would die before taking the guns of an American.

To me, that right is more important that all other inalienable rights put together. It's the right that defends all the other rights.

Edit: If it ever comes down to fight for our 2nd amendment right, it'll be a quick and already-decided battle. We'll have armed civilians, armed military personnel, and armed LEOs. They'll have a few armed morons, and that is it.
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