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Self defense shootings and police dealings thereof

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Default Self defense shootings and police dealings thereof

I was watching the show COPS a few weeks ago, and I saw this guy that had been robbed at gunpoint and shot the robber, killing him at the scene. Before the cops even arrived, the dispatched officer said something along the lines of "just another citizen taking the law into their own hands" like he had done something terribly wrong. They furthered their point on arrival, like he should've done nothing and called the police. Then, they took his gun away as evidence.

I was wondering why some police are like this, and are they required to give the gun back after a shooting like this? What is the time period of getting it back usually?
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I've heard stories of people never getting them back,or having them held for so long they gave up on getting them back.Either way expect to be out of a gun for a while and think twice before you take your beloved $2200 les baer 1911 out for a night on the town,you might Just pick up that bersa thunder UC instead
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It largely depends upon WHERE the incident took place as broad answer to your questions.

Many officers on COPS are pretty much told what party line to spew. If you think for a second that an officer wouldn't get his butt in a sling for stepping "off the reservation" of the current command in his department for a statement made in'd be wrong.

Was it the dispatcher or the responding officer who made the comment? Remember...dispatchers are NOT officers. They are communications staff, and as such have NO LE standing, regardless of what they may try to get you to believe.

That being said...some places in the country DO have an attitude like that. It is very much "We have guns, and that sets us apart". It's horse crap.

I can also see come "creative editing" going on too. The producers edited a statement to sound as though the officer was saying something other than what they actually were. Be that as it in Arizona, with the notable EXCEPTION of my old home town of Tucson which has become the liberal whacko center of'd not hear an officer say something such as that. Even then, it would be a rare cop who would.

If, in Arizona, you are involved in an SD shooting, your gun may not even be taken into evidence if you are "cleared at the scene" by eyewitness testimony and obvious evidence to supprt your claim of SD (which IS a positive defense in AZ, in other words you do NOT have to prove you acted in SD...the prosecutor has to prove you did NOT). If for some reason it IS taken into MUST be returned to you if you are NOT charged, or if you are aquitted at trial. How long a trial will anyone's guess.

A store clerk in Glendale AZ shot and killed an armed robber. The clerk's gun was never taken, the clerk was never charged, and was "cleared at the scene". SOMETIMES the good guy does win.

You can bet the weapon WILL be secured at the scene until techs are done, and detectives have been there...that's just plain common sense.

So, really it depends upon where you are. I have heard from officers in San Francisco, that if a gun comes into matter what the disposition of the is melted down LONG before the owner can get it back. THAT SUCKS large! To my mind THAT is a theft by "da gub'ment" of private property if no crime has been committed, and "da gub'ment SHOULD be liable and have to replace your property at fair market value."

One of the dipwad political hacks in the valley said his department wouldn't return STOLEN FIREARMS to the rightful owners if and when they were recovered. That lasted about a week before he felt the heat being turned up on his butt and backpedaled rather quickly.
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No matter what state you live in expect the weapon to be taken at least until all the legal stuff is over. Some states they give them back in some states they destroy them.

As far as cops being like that you should remember they are people too, and as with all people they have a lot of differing beliefs. Some are pro-gun and some are anti-gun just like the rest of us little people
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One of my LEO buds (>>GASP<< i DO have some friends in blue) says of the show COPS, "Thats show is a fine example of how NOT to be a LEO."

Dunno, i aint one, i just take him at his word on that...i dont watch it.

I live in a pretty gun friendly, anti slime ball state. But i have always just figured that should "the worst time in my life" come about, i WOULD be spending some time at the gray bar motel and would lose possession of my piece for the duration of that stay.
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I think a lot of the show "Cops" is staged. I mean if you watch it and they do a traffic stop, they sometimes pass a couple of other marked units sitting along side the street as they "roll up" on the scene or what ever. And to me a lot of them get the bigger "billy bad-@zz" attitude when they're on TV.

But I love the show I saw a few years ago in Dallas when the cops busted in the wrong door thinking the house was on fire. I still laugh when I think about that!
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(Ahem) On THIS side is reality. Over THERE is TV. Please note the difference.

Watched one episode of COPS where the local PD was running a prostitution sting. Had their bait cop approaching motorists, asking if they wanted to have sex for XX$$. That is SO full of holes a first year legal student could punt every one of those cases out of court.

(Entrapment- Definition- Causing or encouraging a person to commit a criminal act they would not have.)
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shooting a person that robs you might end you up in far more serious charges AND a big lawsuit.If the badguy has a firearm your odds are good otherwise you do not have the right to shoot[under the law]or kill someone who robs you because a sharp lawyer will try to make a case that your life was not endanger and shooting wasn't necessary.the bad guy meant you no harm and only wanted to take your possessions.If you cripple the bad guy for life you will probably be sued for all the lost opportunities the bad guy will miss and monies he will never be able to earn. I know of a person who killed one of two guys that were severely beating him in a parking lot.If it were not for a video camera in another parking lot he could have been charged with killing an unarmed man.

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Some become cop because they were always PICK ON in school so they think a badge and a gun give them the authority they could not get in School!.Not saying ALL COPS are like that but their a few in the ranks.
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Good thing I don't leave the house very often, and I have security cameras. But if I ever needed to shoot, I don't want my gun taken away, or destroyed. They're mine. I paid for em. I would be real hesitant to hand it over to the police without a written statement saying I'm getting it back in the exact condition it was in when given to them. I don't know if that would work, but I would still be very hesitant. I suppose I could get arrested for "making a scene" about it, but guns are expensive, and I take care of them like they were my kids.
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